Three Shadowy FIgures Out

posted by A on 2012/8/10 (Comics)

The Plot Thickens! or at least, simmers a little.

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Fabio - 2015/10/9
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Locnil - 2012/8/16
Aww. How cute. She's got a teddy sword.

DukeGod - 2012/8/15
I just noticed. She sleeps with a weapon Very happy

Aragorn1398 - 2012/8/11
Lol you actually corrected it XD Glad to help out!

Night Templar - 2012/8/10
Actually, Mike, she's appeared before. She first appeared in Comic 191, and appeared later in 193, 200, and 202.

Hmm... Three cloaked people, one female? The only previously-seen characters I can think of that they could really be are the Ivory Veil commanders. Hence, I'm going to bet these are new characters.

Either way, I can't wait for the next comic and hopefully more of the mysterious cloaked figures.

Me - 2012/8/10
If you are going for a boring, confusing, disjointed comic, you guys are doing GREAT!

Mike - 2012/8/10
Hooray, ninjabugbeargirl is a recurring character!

leaking pen - 2012/8/10
Uses: Red Pen (su) up to three times a day change one word, but only to fix spelling or capitalization errors.

No, no it wasn't. Thanks for seeing that.

Tatsu - 2012/8/10
Yay Comic

Aragorn1398 - 2012/8/10
Is the title supposed to have the "I" in "FIgures" capitalized?

Mad Lemmey - 2012/8/10
First post!
Coool sunrise, what are they up to?

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