Three Hours Out

posted by Chris on 2012/8/3 (Comics)

A battle damaged schooner, a magical staff wielding Gnome spellcaster, and a rogue in a maid costume. What more could you ask for in a new issue?Happy


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Scarlett - 2015/10/9
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X-fan - 2012/8/5
What more could I want? How about a story or plot? The series shifts away for some time for various interludes and then comes back with a comic "oh boy, we had a whole lot of story and plot there, you just didn't see it". I know you're trying to retake the reins, but blegggh.
Tatsu - 2012/8/4
Yay Comic
Myrdmar - 2012/8/4
If we keep to stick- cannon of colour coding monsters 'she' is a hobgoblin
Mad Lemmey - 2012/8/3
Ahh.. the return of old friends, where will this lead? Very happy
Ertai - 2012/8/3
I know... call me captain obvious... Happy
Ertai - 2012/8/3
It is that rogue one from amusment park...
john - 2012/8/3
a goblin in a maids outfit.

thats more than a little disturbing.
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