Going to See the Sights

posted by Chris on 2012/8/16 (Comics)

Just what sights and what investments are our Gnomish friend Turrick and his rogue maid of a friend heading off to see?

Stay tuned to find outHappy

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Jacey - 2016/4/14
This forum needed shankig up and you've just done that. Great post!

The Zergling One - 2012/8/20
"Hey, that maid look familiar to anyone else? (after using the hat of disguise)"

@Meester Leaking Pen. Ehhh nooo. Noo.

leaking pen - 2012/8/20
Koboldian, CORRECT! it is part of the Maid Prestige Class. Snap of Poppins, (sp) 3 times per day, a snap may clean any item or area. It may tidy a bed, or sort items into bins. It may effect no larger than a 10 foot area, and if used to sort a large number of things, sort no more than 1000 items per snap.

Hey, that maid look familiar to anyone else? (after using the hat of disguise)

Koboldian - 2012/8/19
I think that's just her maid prestige class at work. The skill is "instant tidy" with the bonus feat of "pillow mint".

Night Templar - 2012/8/18
The disguise isn't what I'm talking about. What she does in the second panel looks like telekinesis magic, like Mage Hand.

Guest - 2012/8/18
Nah, she isn't a spellcaster (that we know of...), she just has a nifty Hat of Disguise.

You know what she needs? A name. Anyone got any ideas?

Red XIV - 2012/8/18
STC: It's a filler arc.

Me - 2012/8/17
Any chance we'll be seeing the anti-heroes, you know, in your comic about ANTI-HEROES?

Night Templar - 2012/8/17
Wait... *Looks at the second panel again* ...Is she a spellcaster?

I always thought she was just a really cool rogue. If she can also use magic, then she's pretty much become undeniably awesome. The only way I could think to make her cooler is if she secretly has the Eldritch Knight prestige class.

Leaking Pen - 2012/8/17
STC, yes it is. there are various reasons for the delay. All I can say is we're working on it!

Anyone want to be in anti-Heroes? See the below link.

STC - 2012/8/17
This comic is called "ANTI-heroes", is it not?

In the past year there have been about 40 updates, and only one of those has featured the titular characters - and there they were apparently going to do nothing but sit around.

Yes, seeing other characters arcs is good, but not seeing the TITLE characters for a year is bad.

Mad Lemmey - 2012/8/17
Ahhh, a hat of disguise, useful for getting a bugbear in and out of situations where you don't want her noticed!

Tatsu - 2012/8/16
Yay Comic

Kareasint - 2012/8/16
Let me guess.

The Captain's name is Crunch.

Varsh - 2012/8/16

Hillarious stuff! Reading through the archives now.

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