Dear Sir or Madam

posted by A on 2011/8/11 (Comics)

Ahh, Aldran, what monkey business are you up to now? I would be disappointed if any of you OOTS fans DON'T know where this is going...
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Geri - 2016/4/14
That's a wise answer to a tricky quieston

Dancing_Fox - 2011/8/17

Me of little faith. Apologies - looking forward to the next update now especially!

Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/8/16
This was a good comic, but I feel I should give some constructive criticism because I found some of the dialogue awkward (and I will kind of be overanalyzing here, but I'm just trying to tell you what I would have done, not that the way it is is terrible or anything). I believe the main issue I've been having thus far is the odd punctuation and formatting of sentences. The actual things the characters are saying seem to be fine, but it feels somewhat awkward to read.

For example, in the second panel, Kaal's "Are you sure, that looks like... [continued in panel 4] The kitchen" feels strange to me. I think it would have been better to separate this into two phrases, since half of it is a question and the other half is a statement - i.e. "Are you sure? That looks like... The kitchen."

I also think that the guard here would have benefitted from having his phrase cut off with a dash rather than an ellipsis, i.e. "Like, who man! The exit is that wa--". This, in my perception, would make the end of the sentence feel more abrupt, which it is (since he's being cut off by Kaal), as opposed to the fading out that an ellipsis seems to imply.

My third thing is very very very minor, but I kind of feel like Aldran should have put a comma in his sentence "Thank you Kaal", but that's not really a big issue.

One other thing is that I can't help but notice that Kaal feels a lot more snarky (and, by extension, smart) in this comic, such as his comment about the love letter (unless he genuinely thought it WAS a love letter, in which case I...don't know what to think about that) or his comment about how they wasted time not escaping.

All that being said, once again this was a good comic overall and I look forward to the two of you continuing to improve.

Leakingpen - 2011/8/15
Fox, I could also just be yanking everyone's chain to set up for something better.

Dancing_Fox - 2011/8/15
Well, I WOULDN'T have known where this was going, if it wasn't for the Author's OOTS comment.

Gee, spoiler, much?

Dyluth - 2011/8/13
@TwistedNerve There may have been a tad of Shaggy influence in this character's conception and designHappy

alogen - 2011/8/13
Definitely left a taste for more. Thanks!

Sarin - 2011/8/13
If this is indeed a certain elf's style note, I hope that when the guy snaps from it he will absent-mindedly take a bite from it...

TwistedNerve - 2011/8/13
Is that... Shaggy?

Blakjak - 2011/8/12
So happy to see the series updating again, alot of potential if i do say so myself.

Mad Lemmey - 2011/8/12
You can never, ever, ever, go wrong with 'Explosive Runes!' Ever! Well done guys Happy

Leakingpen - 2011/8/12
Ahh, you all are too quick for me. The Eldhin explosion to the face is a foregone conclusion, is it? I have one thing to say (and thank you Graveyard Greg for the line). Heh. Heh. Heh.

Kareasint - 2011/8/12
Leakingpen, I think that move was pretty much "seen coming."

Ink - 2011/8/11
"Guess what I prepared this morning."

Clertar - 2011/8/11

Referee - 2011/8/11
I've decided to finally check Antiheroes again and I found the many issues since the ressucitation of it. Awesome work. Team DyPen, wouldn't have known different people is doing this if I didn't follow the relay thread on OOTS

ShenCS - 2011/8/11
Totally liked it first on Facebook. The page owner doesn't count >:I

MTONinja - 2011/8/11
Now I am hungry!

Surgoshan - 2011/8/11
Explosive Runes?

Narvi - 2011/8/11
We're about to find out what spell Aldran prepared this morning, aren't we...

Thor - 2011/8/11
Thank you! Keep up the good work!

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