Together Again

posted by A on 2011/8/25 (Comics)

Aww, Aldran, being nice to Kaal? What's your angle?

Just a reminder, you can find us on Facebook. Hope you've all enjoyed the ride so far, we'll be finishing up this story arc and then peeking in on some other familiar faces coming up soon!

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Night Templar - 2013/11/6
Coming in late to say that the reason they don't blast the statue is that, really... Why would the Ivory Veil put a trap in their heavily guarded courtyard? It would just cause trouble for them.
Dyluthus - 2011/8/30
I am quite impressed with the debate over the nature of the previously unseen statue. Perhaps it's nature will be revealed one day... perhapsHappy
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/8/29
Or maybe it's just a statue? While this borrows from the mechanics and general idea behind D&D, it is, at its core, a webcomic, not a campaign, and story comes before game mechanics. It would be purely gratuitous to have the party destroy a statue just because they often are traps. This is a pretty dramatic scene and destroying a statue on their way out would be incredibly weird and would derail this plot arc. It's just a background object to give the comic some depth. It doesn't mean anything.
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/8/29
Dear Superdark:

That is neither here nor there. Typical DMs merely represent statues with a simple drawing or a figure from their collections. Not an accurate portrayal at all. The players would have no way of knowing whom the statue was a reference to, if at all. The mere fact that it is a statue makes it a trap, which must be smashed or fireballed in an amusing manner before being checked for rubies which once served as eyes.
The Zergling One - 2011/8/29
Kaal has never really shown true stupidity. I think he's just a jackass that is bad in social situations and at making decisions.
SirCarnifex - 2011/8/29

I've been reading the comic and I enjoy it a lot. If I may make a comment about the switch and smoothing it a bit...

I've noticed that now the comic uses all capital letters for stressed words, but I cannot remember that ever having been the case previously. Before, stressed text, to my memory, was done with bold text. I think using too many capitals is rather jarring and also doesn't seem to flow as well.

Other than that, good job and keep up the effort. I'm sure the work will improve more the more you become accustomed to it.
Super dark33 - 2011/8/28
Maybe because it looks like the brave paladin who covered O-chul in OoTS?
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/8/27
Wait... Let me get this straight... This is a webcomic, yes? A take-off of OOTS, yes? Both based roughly on D&D, yes? And being webCOMICs, emphasis on Comic as in funny, they satirize the system upon which they are based.
Correct so far?

So why in the name of the Nine Lords of Hell, the DM-Knows-How-Many Lords of the Abyss, The Godhead of Celestia, the various powers of the Astral Plane, and the Lady of Blades do the PCs not blast the statue?

It's a STATUE! If there is a statue, the DM is always up to something nasty. It could animate, it could be a golem, it could be a trap, it could shoot Maximize Empowered Heightened Fell-Weakened Scorching Rays out of its eyes! As a DM, whenever there is even a RAT STATUE in my dungeon the PCs know to smash it on sight.
DJ - 2011/8/27
It seems Kaal got smarter and Aldran got dumber. And I don't think Kaal is a wizard, but rather he has spell-like abilities, which don't require a minimum intelligence.
JackTheTripper - 2011/8/26
As the Bearded One said, Kaal must have an Int score of 15 in order to cast his spells... Assuming he's not a sorcerer, he may just have abysmally low Wisdom.
KillItWithFire - 2011/8/26
@The bearded one- Either that or he was a sorc in life.
The bearded one - 2011/8/26
I have to point out Kaal is a wizard casting spells of lvl 5 (shadow evocation) meaning he must have at least 15 int.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/8/26
What KillItWithFire said is basically what I meant. And yes, I know Kaal isn't a total idiot, but whatever it is about the way you're writing him (and this is nothing against you, just an observation), there is something that feels "off" about Kaal to me and, apparently, others. Maybe it's just the fact that you haven't had the need to make "Kaal is stupid" jokes so far since this is a dramatic part of the story, but I think that in the process of doing this, you've made Kaal seem competent on the level of the rest of the party (from an intellectual standpoint, since he was obviously useless against Quentas). And there's nothing wrong with that, except that we're all used to Kaal being useful only if illusions are involved.

Anyway, this is just something to think about. I don't mind Kaal as he is; I'm just not sure what to think of him at this point.
KillItWithFire - 2011/8/26
I agree even if Kaal does have a measure of intelligence, which he may or may not, Aldran's comment sticks out a fair bit. Up untill this point Aldran, and the rest of the party for that matter have never exactly seen Kaal as a brainiac and have taken ample opportuity to point this out to him. The fact that Aldran is changing his views ow does strike me as a little odd. I'm fine with Kaal being observent, as that does in fact have lttle to do with int. (wis in dnd even) but Aldran trying to connsole Kaal that he is not stupid is more than a little strange. I for one have had no problem with Kaal up into this point, and still don't. I think it would be more in keeping with Aldrans character though if he said "You ARE stupid, but that was too easy." addmitting that Kaal has a point but also keeping with his trend of bashing Kaal's intelligence. Which frankly he doesn't have much of. probably 8 or 9 in dnd terms.

Just my 2 cents.
nerdcomplex - 2011/8/26
Leakingpen: Don't confuse "he's funny when he's stupid" with "he's only stupid when it's used for a joke."
Mad Lemmey - 2011/8/26
Another good comic, can't wait to see what happens next...
Forboding anyone...
Ink - 2011/8/25
You are stupid, but that's beside the point.
Thor - 2011/8/25
The last bubble should have said, There are no maybes about it, and yes it was way to easy.
Leakingpen - 2011/8/25
Void, Shes a little... stiff. She's still thinking over alderas's comments.

Also, for those bashing Kaal, please, go back and reread the first few dozen comics. He has a lack of processing power, no imagination, and does stupid drunk jock in college stuff. But he's not an idiot, and can figure things out as they occur. He's the bumbling idiot. He's only REALLY stupid when its FUNNY.
Void - 2011/8/25
Lana's line sounds wrong. Why is she talking formally? Has she been doppelganger-swapped?
Laxu - 2011/8/25
WTF Kaal is outsmarting Aldaran? The party leader??? I tell ya they're so doomed Sigh
Red XIV - 2011/8/25
My theory? Quentas's attack somehow blasted some intelligence into Kaal.
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/8/25
Mainly, Kaal has a different dialogue bubble if I am not mistaken entirely.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/8/25
I don't mean to be critical, but Kaal seems far too smart since Dypen's debut, particularly given his usual role as the token idiot in the party. I was okay with this since some character drift is bound to happen, but Aldran's acknowledgement of his apparent lack of stupidity concerns me (and to a lesser extent, the fact that Kaal was the one to find the obvious exit while Aldran did not). Is Kaal going to remain at this heightened sensical level?
Tatsu - 2011/8/25
Yay! New Comic
nerdcomplex - 2011/8/25
There are many, many problems with Aldran's last line. But in general, Kaal's been acting too smart.
LuNatic - 2011/8/25
Are you sure that N'T is meant to be there? Tongue
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