There's an Ointment for That

posted by A on 2011/8/30 (Comics)

Almost done with this arc, so you all get a special treat. We update again... TOMORROW! Thats right, come back tomorrow to finish out this story arc! After that, we have a few filler comics while we work on the next set of storyline.

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Dyluthus - 2011/8/31
@nerdcomplex You know I'm not quite sure how many moons there are in total, perhaps that will be addressed one dayHappy

Also, kudos to Eldhin for knowing when to stop covering the splash page with speech as to not anger the humble artistHappy

That last line was a very funny idea of Leaking Pen's btwHappy
Laxu - 2011/8/31
Ugh i found it a bit too anticlimactic... and various stars and satellites positions don't look realistic but hell i guess dragons do exist...

Would it sound too hypocrite if I'd say nice page anyway?
KillItWithFire - 2011/8/30
@nerdcomplex Of corse there are! I bet next you're going to suggest that dragons don't exist.
nerdcomplex - 2011/8/30
Are there two moons?

But yes, otherwise a very good strip.
Leakingpen - 2011/8/30
Lateral, agreed, I thought it was high time we broke the fourth wall with a good strip construction gag. Reality Warper, not at all, actually Dyluth misunderstood the line in the script as an actual comment towards him, and was quick to say no, it wouldn't bug him. Its a complete gag, not intended to be serious.
Bring Back The Sheep - 2011/8/30
Tatsu - 2011/8/30
Yeah, the occasional breaking of the fourth wall can be quite funny. Also, Yay Comic!
Mad Lemmey - 2011/8/30
I really love this page, the fourth wall joke, the landscape, the scale is disparate, yes, but...
it works!
Nice one lads.
Okay, I'm a sucker for a good sunset!
Mr_Saturn - 2011/8/30
Wow, some of those people are almost as tall as the city gates. Tongue
MTONinja - 2011/8/30
Love the splash page, very well done. Can't wait to see what comes next.
Reality Warper - 2011/8/30
since the new artist started complaining about speech bubbles on his splash page apparently. i find it funny so long as it's used infrequently
Ertai - 2011/8/30
So many paladins in town and no one will heal her? Guess she really do not like paladins
Lateral - 2011/8/30
Splash page. Niiice.

...Huh. When was the last time the comic broke the fourth wall?
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