We Had to Use the Joke Eventually

posted by A on 2011/8/31 (Comics)

And this closes out our anti-heroes time as guests of the Ivory Veil. For those who saw the joke coming, I hope we used it in a pleasing manner! We will be running filler comic strips for the next week or so while we work on the next storyline.

BTW, please please please, vote for us on top web comic. It;s really not a big deal TODAY, but they reset stats the first of the month, so if you could all get out there and vote like crazy TOMORROW, that would be wonderful. We are working on putting up some vote incentives, and if we can break into the top 100, we have some special things planned.


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Tempestor - 2011/9/13
I love Explosive Runes. Especially on mundane items like good-bye notes, coffee tins, and business cards.

Comet - 2011/9/12
Little jokes pop out at you during the re-reads. Help, help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

Ertai - 2011/9/11
No matter how many times I read this it always gets me. You guys surely update Eldhin's humor skills

Dyluthus - 2011/9/7
Hey thanks @scotticus01, @An Anonymous Patron and everyone else who's shared their kind words for our most recent comic here!

I just wanted to pop in and assure you all that another comic is deep into production and that with a little luck it will be live in no time at all.

Stay tuned!Happy

scotticus01 - 2011/9/6
I say such as a compliment and encouragement for all who place praising comments there is at least a thousand more who agree unspoken

An Anonymous Patron - 2011/9/2
Bets on the next arc, anyone?

My guess is that we meet a new recurring villain, perhaps an insulted rival now seeking vengeance (Remind you of anyone? :n) )

I also think we shall see some good old fashioned adventuring to raise funds for the next time the Antiheroes encounter the Veil. Dragon hunting, anyone?

Your thoughts on this?

P.S. To Leakingpen & Crew,
Loving the deviousness of Aldran, hoping to see more of it in the near future :n)
An Anonymous Patron

Almanro - 2011/9/2
Thank you again to have resumed the updates of anti-heroes and this is a very good way to end a story arc! Wink

Ertai - 2011/9/2
Funny thing is, that in all my years playing D&D (16 years) I have never use Explosive runes. But this strip is most fun I have in last year or so. But when did Eldhin become so devius?

Paeris Kiran - 2011/9/2
Leakingpen: Uah why do I see it as brown? (and it used to be black wasnīt it?) Or is it issue of Internet explorer I am using?

Locnil - 2011/9/2
I must admit, up to this point I had reservations about Dypen taking over. This strip just erased them from existence.

Also, it's nice to know that Eldhin can equal Aldran when it comes to the Genre Savvy department. Nice job, please keep it going!

Venalitor - 2011/9/1
Awesome. this joke never gets old. something about one being required to appear like an idiot right before getting blown to bits is just too great.

Ancient One - 2011/9/1
I love explosive runes! Very happy

Mordae - 2011/9/1
Zurie should invest in LifeAlert. Also, "mother"...


Leakingpen - 2011/9/1
Glad you all enjoyed! I must second Dyluth, it has been a pleasure working with you all. Thanks for putting up with new people stomping in your grounds, Crazed! I'm looking forward to continuing making you all laugh. On the current page, I'm still not sure what my favorite is, Eldhin plugging his ears for the boom, or the sweet sweet smile on the last two panels.

Paeris, uhhh, Zurie is. Her hair is dark green.

Taekwondo.... There is no bob and george reference here. There WILL be bob and george references coming up soon, but there is not one in this issue...

Paeris Kiran - 2011/9/1
Noone asks crutial and important question... Who is the chick with green hair? Very happy

Blakjak - 2011/9/1
Very well done, very well done indeed.

Such a funny spell Explosive Runes is. We can all thank Vaarsuvias for making it popular.

Again, good job with the comic.

Ketac - 2011/9/1
Nice job guys !

anti-HEROES is in good hands !

Taekwondodo - 2011/9/1
OoTS and Bob and George parodies? You just made my day!

nerdcomplex - 2011/8/31
Heh, good job. Didn't see that use of Explosive Runes at all.

By the way, have we ever seen Eldhin smile before?

Dyluthus - 2011/8/31
Thanks Crazed! I owe you one for not just showing Leaking Pen and I how the website works, but for keeping it running like you have.

Thanks to everyone for the very kind words of support, this transition from Zara to Leaking Pen and I couldn't have happened without you all making our efforts worth while. Lastly thanks again to Zara for trusting your comic to two fans who wanted to help keep it going! It's been a great experience to help wrap this arc up, and I can't wait to get started on the next one!Happy

Crazed - 2011/8/31
Great job and a great arc, guys. I'm really glad to see how much of a success you've made this comeback and how much fun you're having. And that goes for the great audience here, too!

Thor - 2011/8/31

thatguy - 2011/8/31
Oh sweet lord, I have never read or seen a more funny/better shout out in my life. Jokes can be hit and miss by their nature, but that one will be counted amongst your best shots.

An Anonymous Patron - 2011/8/31
Dear Leakingpen and that other guy,

Fan-tastic! That's right, I have to emphasize the syllabic change, it was just that amazing. I enjoy the allusion to Looney Tunes greatly, and the IPERTM gag was quite well delivered. I truly do enjoy the depth you are showing in Eldhin. He is not just a villain, he is not just a Paladin-Wannabe. No, he is a character. Yeah, he fights his brother. But I think you really show that they are brothers.

P.S. I quite appreciate the fate of Swashbuckling-Wench-Girl.

An Anonymous Patron.

Kareasint - 2011/8/31
Eldhin knew what he was doing there. Zurie walked into it so blindly too.

Reality Warper - 2011/8/31
hehe funny. i'm liking this though i have to say eldhin's smile looks fake try to add a few more curves.

Tatsu - 2011/8/31
Frequent comic updates are awesome. Also, good job on keeping up the quality.

Moogle - 2011/8/31

Max - 2011/8/31
I'm really happy how well this is coming along. I had some serious reservations, as most of the time when one author passes on the torch to another, there is a huge loss in quality. So far, so good. ^^

Mad Lemmey - 2011/8/31
That was a brilliant use of 'Explosive Runes' hand-off, especially since she thinks she's got one over Eldhin! Happy
I guess Eldhin was expecting it, on both fronts!
Nice Warner Brothers mention too!
Looking forwards to see the fillers, well done again!

Ertai - 2011/8/31
This will never get old Happy

Super dark33 - 2011/8/31
Didnt see that comeing. the spell yes, the outcome, no.

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