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Flight Consultant

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/30 (Comics)

Holy crap on a stick, that took me forever. Going on a week and a half now, and I do apologize. I've just been busy with all kinds of stuff the past two weeks, and I've been distracted by about ten other projects, so I haven't had the time I wanted to finish it. Pile on top of that the writer's block I suffered for the first half of the issue, and it was not a pleasant experience.

Either way, it's done now, and hopefully this will dispel some of the arguments in the comments. That last issue is scary. Tongue Although I do expect this to just spawn a whole new truckload of epileptic trees, so we'll have to see. As always, I should just remind everyone to play nice.

Finally, I'm moving back to University on Monday, so there might be a lull in the updates again while I get settled, but I'll try not to let myself get so far behind again. Now if you'll excuse me, Mass Effect is calling my name again.

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