Flight Consultant

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/30 (Comics)

Holy crap on a stick, that took me forever. Going on a week and a half now, and I do apologize. I've just been busy with all kinds of stuff the past two weeks, and I've been distracted by about ten other projects, so I haven't had the time I wanted to finish it. Pile on top of that the writer's block I suffered for the first half of the issue, and it was not a pleasant experience.

Either way, it's done now, and hopefully this will dispel some of the arguments in the comments. That last issue is scary. Tongue Although I do expect this to just spawn a whole new truckload of epileptic trees, so we'll have to see. As always, I should just remind everyone to play nice.

Finally, I'm moving back to University on Monday, so there might be a lull in the updates again while I get settled, but I'll try not to let myself get so far behind again. Now if you'll excuse me, Mass Effect is calling my name again.

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Krystallynn - 2016/4/16
Posts like this brgehtin up my day. Thanks for taking the time.
Jesslyn - 2016/4/14
Learning a ton from these neat arltices.
AH - 2010/5/3
Kaal's best line yet.
RecentlyAFish - 2008/9/8
holy-over-analysis batman!
Yeril - 2008/9/5
I freaking LOVE Dwarf fortress!
Jordan - 2008/9/4
So I'm back at university, and I'm all settled and what have you, so I should be getting back to production soon.

Unfortunately, I also managed to get horribly addicted to playing Dwarf Fortress in the past couple days as well. If it's not Mass Effect, it's something else...
Amaretto - 2008/9/4
LOL maybe...

Doopliss - 2008/9/4
Actually, it might be more likely that Kall *doesn't* know that his enemies know that he knows that he's stupid. Tongue
Amaretto - 2008/9/2
Improbable but possible....

Troll - 2008/9/2
On second thought, my theory is extremely improbably. Where would Eldhin (sp) get a stapler in a fantasy setting? Bah, another eplileptic tree.
Doopliss - 2008/9/2
Not just a possibility, but one likely enough to be a valid assumption. I guess that's what we were arguing about.
kres - 2008/9/2
The guard got his halberd back, then drops it before a fight. Guess he didnt learn how to use it!
Amaretto - 2008/9/2
Ok, then. I acknowledge that as a possibility... Emmm.... What are we arguring about anyways then?
Doopliss - 2008/9/2
I'm just trying to prove it's valid to assume Aldran has wings, not say it's the only possibility.
MTONinja - 2008/9/2
Sesben is always good for a laugh. Kaal's brilliant analysis of his own stupidity actualy makes sence (Scary!) Happy Great Comic
Amaretto - 2008/9/2
I think you misunderstand what I am trying to prove...

I am just trying to show that you and most other people could be wrong and am putting up evidence to support other theories, not exclude yours! While it seems to me that you are trying to show me that it is even likely that ur explanation is true...

Althugh I agree with you about the new probabilities inside stories, I do not recognize theis "probability" as irreputable evidence of you being right.

Becuase my explanation which I think are possible to happen (The whoosh really being someone else... such as another vamp unter or something....) is equally unlikely AND so in a stroy, equally likely to occur. You are failing to find flaws in my scenarios! Which means that you recognize them as possible and because I am not saying they are probable, what are we debating about anyways?
Doopliss - 2008/9/1
Also, just because Elan says so does not make it false. Tongue
Theatrics are there whether Elan says so or not. Entertainment stories would be significantly less interesting if only probable things happened, and since entertainment stories try to be interesting, a new breed of probability is born. This comic isn't exempt from that, and it wouldn't necessarily be a good thing if it was. Adventuring party's hired bounty hunter happens to be party leader's long-lost girlfriend, and first-class traveling vampire hunter is residing in Northhaven when the party vampire's stock of canned blood runs out, (and he does an improbably good job making sure he's the first "victim" she sees). Finx knowing that Keriss would be heading for Aldran's party and selling her a scroll for his ship and it being pure coincidence strike me as equally improbable.
Doopliss - 2008/9/1
1: Not sure what you mean. It's probable/likely because it's the simplest explanation for Aldran's dialogue/actions, and as far as precedents go *all* half-celestials and half-demons have wings.

4: I'm seeing him undoing his cape, walking to the window, drawing his sword, and vanishing with a Woosh.
elemist2 - 2008/9/1
I would have said that he had a funky winged cape. Except he got rid of the cloak so that dosent work.
Amaretto - 2008/9/1
Woooooo........ What a heated debate... I only posted in the morning and already 2 ppl have stepped up to argue. XD

You guys both basically repeated the same arguments so I will only respond once...

1. This isn't OOTS and Elan's genre logic is not applicable for this comic. Besides, its Elan.... I don't take what he says seriosuly, like Kaal...
Also, although Dooplis said that it is possible for Aldran to have wings he failed to describe exactly why this scenario is probable or even likeley... therefore I am not going to resond and I stick with my opinion for now.

2. Although I agree with the fact that flying can make a different sound every time, this was just an observation which didn't proove your point. It is probably the weakest of all my arguments.

3. I only added in the science for fun and to show that it is only 50% likely that Aldran and Eldin both have wings. Eliminating science, you still have the point that any twins don't nessacarily look the same, even in stories...

4.It was made quite obvious that Eldin had cast spell, so much that everyone assumed it although it is possible that he didn't... Get what I said back there?

Archetype, just because Xykon made "whoosh" sounds while flying does not mean that in a different comic, a "whoosh" has to 100% mean that someone is flying.

You see, the main difference between our debate sides is that you are trying to prove a point withiut doubt.
I am mereky trying to show that what you are suggesting is just that: a suggestion and not the only possible scenario. Therefore, since you do not have the benefit of future comics for now, I am basically guaranteed to win... just by presenting an alternate scenario and showing how it could be possible...

Phew...... Wow... 2 long posts in a day....

I've had enough for now, I'm waiting till next comic before I restart my arguments...

Very happy
Archetype- - 2008/9/1
1. I believe Aldran mentioned it in a previous comic. Eldhin is his twin brother, meaning they have the same parents and most likely (going on Elan's genre "logic" here) both have wings. It'd be thematically appropriate for Aldran to have white wings, but I'll hold off on that thought for now.

2. Flying has a bunch of different sound effects, woosh and swoosh being only two. I'm guessing the woosh is for take-off and swoosh for a diving bull rush/charge. Expect loop-the-loop and barrel roll sound effects in the near future! XD

3. This is a fantasy comic that parodies a well-known role-playing game. I'm not going to take science into account unless it fits in with the plot (i.e., practically never).

4. I thought he was casting a spell myself, and even guessed Wind Walk. Now I'm remembering Xykon's entrance into the fray during the Invasion of Azure City arc, and how the party figured out that he was right on top of them. Buncha wooshing goin' on there. Aldran is likely winged as well.
Doopliss - 2008/9/1
1: They don't have to be evil opposites for Aldran to have wings, this has "tributed" OotS before, and evil opposites were around long enough before OotS for it to make fun of the resulting cliches.

2: I don't see why flying needs to make the exact same noise at all times. Especially when one is taking off and the other is swooping down. Also, Eldhin also had a Woosh to start off.

3: The poor catgirls... Ignoring the probability that a winged thing would be supernatural and breeding-traits would carry over abnormally, theatrics would never allow that not to be the case unless it was to build up a revenge plot of some kind.

4: I didn't see Eldhin preparing to cast a spell... I thought people (including me) just assumed he cast something.
Amaretto - 2008/9/1
Hehe, nice. Kaal is lol

Those of you who remembered my arguments shall know that I am not giving up! I still stand by my point that Aldran was not flying.

1.Although they are brothers and don't like each other doens't mean they are evil opposites, this isn't OOTS guys.

2. The sound was different! We heard a "Swoosh" un this comic indicatiing that Eldin was flying while in the other comic it was a "Whoosh". Similar but not the same....

3.Just because they are brothers doesn't mean that they must look exactly the same. Say their mother was a human and their father was some winged thing: It is possible that only Eldin or Aldran would get the wings (meosis is a random process involving random splitting of the chromosomes which can't be predicted before they start to split - A little geeky i know... XD )

4. I believe that the wings are just a spell as they were not on Eldin before. Although we saw Eldin preparing to cast a spell, Aldran did no such thing. (Lana could not hear any words although she could hear a "whoosh" meaning that he was within her range of hearing)

Phew... Long post.... Hope some people get convinced by this and follow my path of no wings for Aldran...

lol. XD
dallas-dakota - 2008/9/1
Wee awesome Kaal.
Awesome El!
Awesome Keriss!
Doopliss - 2008/8/31
Ooo, expanding on the last bit about Eldhin's sword, look at the way he tackled Keriss. Seems like he could have skewered her if he wanted to.
Also, love the swooOOOSH! Very happy
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/8/31
The long-awaited comic is finally here, and honestly, I don't know what to say about this one.
Doopliss - 2008/8/31
Random Note: Eldhin's sword isn't the standard weapon-color, so it's probably silver/cold iron.

The Wing Theory came primarily from Aldran's mutterings/whoosh/sleeve-tearing when compared to Eldhin's window-jump.
Face of Evil - 2008/8/31
Yeah, the wings are absolute awesome. Anti-Heroes just kicked it up a notch. BAM!
Sequinox - 2008/8/31
That was awesome. I don't really read the threads, though, so the wings were a total surprise. Where did that theory come from, anyway?

Oh, and Mass Effect is awesome.
Archetype- - 2008/8/31
Mordaris: Well, the majority of the Order of the Ivory Veil are likely paladins. However, remember the huge curveball the Giant threw us with Miko. She had no levels in Samurai, just a multiclass paladin/monk. It's actually very reasonable to assume that with the clerical spells we've seen Eldhin cast (none of which appear on the paladin spell list) that he either took the Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword) feat or chose the War domain and his deity's favored weapon is longsword.

Also, for those who assume that he has levels in Favored Soul, that class is not in the SRD. Going further with my (over)analysis, I'm guessing that Eldhin is a half-celestial (or half-fiendish) Cleric, patron deity presently unknown.

@Doopliss: I think the Erinyes had dark-feathered wings, and no celestials had any non-light wings. Since Eldhin and Aldran are TWIN brothers, they likely both have angelic wings, though I'm also guessing that Aldran will have white wings.
Troll - 2008/8/31
No, no, no. You guys are completely wrong. They're not bird people, Aldran just polymorphed into a woosh sound-effect and Eldhin (sp?) stapled wings to his back and then fired himself out of a cannon.
Doopliss - 2008/8/31
"So.. Hmm. Aldran could have white demonic wings, since he's supposed to be the exact opposite of Eldhin? Good to know."-CrazyFatGoblin

3.5 had a devil or two with black feathered wings, and I don't think any celestials.
Knight13 - 2008/8/31
Yeah, but we've seen him cast both Hold Person and Disrupting Weapon, neither of which are paladin spells.
Mordaris - 2008/8/31
Um, everyone keeps throwing 'cleric' around as his class.. I thought they were paladins. That would explain the sword, too.
Ganurath - 2008/8/31
Evil wings for the "good" brother, just as I suspected.
Star - 2008/8/31
A good one! (I mean it Happy)
CrazyFatGoblin - 2008/8/30
So.. Hmm. Aldran could have white demonic wings, since he's supposed to be the exact opposite of Eldhin? Good to know.
Kyuubi - 2008/8/30
Everytime we think we've seen the best of Kaal...

Just wow Happy
Knight13 - 2008/8/30
Favored Souls gain wings at level 17 and they also gain proficiency with their diety's favored weapon, which might be why he has a sword.
Doopliss - 2008/8/30
Aw, come on! You people are ruining the Epileptic Tree potential by taking the color of the wings in stride!
HP - 2008/8/30
Probably has levels of Favored Soul.
Zend - 2008/8/30
Mmm, wings. Now we just need Hawkgirl to show up. Tongue
magik - 2008/8/30
"I guess that gives me an advantage. I know I'm stupid, my enemies know I'm stupid, but they don't know I know I'm stupid." xD
yeah I bet Aldran has some white ones I'm curious why they have them though. Is it a spell or are they natural? Confusedmallconfused:
Archetype- - 2008/8/30
Black angelic wings. I am proven wrong in the most freaking awesome way possible. That's more badass than wind walk any day of the friggin' year.

Keriss is at a very obvious disadvantage. Not only is she face-to-face with a high-level and intelligent Cleric, but she also has no real edge aside from MAYBE diplomacy on him. Rangers and Clerics are fairly even on the social skills scale, as neither have Sense Motive, Bluff, or Diplomacy as class skills (though Clerics can, with the right domain, rectify this). She'll have to tread VERY carefully until Aldran works whatever magic he has prepared for the day...

If Eldhin is as high-level as I believe he is, this could prove to be a battle of epic proportions. I don't believe Aldran has been seriously challenged yet in this comic, and that should change very, very soon...

Egads, I can hardly wait to see how it all plays out.
Forealms - 2008/8/30
For the record, I would like to say that I TOTALLY saw that coming for two strips.

Thought I'd get my shots in now before I go comatose till the next comic.
cookie - 2008/8/30
flying! he flew! he wooshed! and he flew! oh my word!
Vizen - 2008/8/30
Huh...Black wings..
I guess Aldran has himself some white ones, just to be opposite?
aapje - 2008/8/30
He sure took a long way to fly up there but I guess it was worth the wait Wink
Face of Evil - 2008/8/30
Holy flerking schnit!

They ARE bird-people! o_O
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/8/30
Clearly Eldhin is the long-lost son of Sephiroth!
Doopliss - 2008/8/30
Ooo, long one. Occam's Razor for the win! Very happy
Lira - 2008/8/30

Awesome. Very happy
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