He Must Be Getting Used to That...

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/4 (Comics)

Finx's pose in the seventh panel turned out just the way I wanted it to. It's amazing how expressive you can make a character when they actually have pupils.

In site-related news, some of you might have noticed that the comic archives were all out of order near the beginning. That should be straightened out now. We've also added a system that helps compress the comic images themselves by about 1/4, which is good for everyone, especially those with slow connections. Issues should load a little faster for you now.

EDIT: More site news. I added a new part to the About section regarding donations, and a new button there as well. In addition, you might notice the small donation icon next to the RSS feed under each comic as well, which will lead to the same place. If you're feeling generous, then feel free to donate a little to help me along. Like I said in the About section, every little bit helps.

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Archetype- - 2008/8/6
@The Zergling One: Yet more proof that he can't be a Paladin. Heck, I doubt he's even Lawful Good with what he's done thus far (at least that we've seen).

-Forcibly entered a city by means of hostile (or at least unfriendly) magic.
-As pointed out by you, enslaved and works with an evil undead creature.

At best, I think that Eldhin is "merely" a Lawful Neutral Cleric. This also kind of explains why Eldhin was able to find Finx so easily. If memory serves, Clerics have access to some pretty badass divinations.

If Finx has truely outlived his usefulness in Eldhin's eyes and is powerful enough to provide a good challenge, I think we should be seeing some serious anti-undead spells sometime soon. Undeath to Death and Sun-something at least, mayhaps even a Heal or two. This is assuming that Eldhin buffed himself to take on an undead illusionist before he knocked on the door.
Ganurath - 2008/8/5
Elena: I think we can conclude that all the brains went to the wizardly Aldran, rendering Mr. Gray Guard Lawful Stupid.
The Zergling One - 2008/8/5
@ Archetype, I also doubt he's a paladin because he is working with a being of pure chaos and evil, a lich. Last time I checked, slavery and consorting with evil beings causes a paladin to fall instantly.
Sandro - 2008/8/5
Rofl, I love the look of the surprised skeleton Happy

It's hilarious

great comic as usual
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/8/5
heh... but seriously, what the hell. Here is what I'd do- get all the info, then kill the lich. Otherwise it's pointless.
Archetype- - 2008/8/5
A very interesting comic. Looks like the excrement has hit the ventilation device for Finx.

Also, I strongly doubt that Eldhin is a a Paladin, at least not entirely. According to the SRD, Paladins don't get access to the spells Disrupting Weapon and Hold Person. I'm guessing he's at least a Cleric9/Something Else X.

Anywho, keep up the awesome work!
CarpeGuitarrem - 2008/8/5
Nice. Love the last lines.
The Zergling One - 2008/8/5
For those who I stumped on the last comments page, the comic #'s I posted were the only comics in which there were no characters pointing with only 1 finger.
Forealms - 2008/8/5
@ Oranga: From his very, very expansive ego.
MTONinja - 2008/8/5
I want to echo the opinion of everyone else, that I love the last panel.
I love his expression after the save, my immediate thought was that he was the happiest undead I have ever seen.
Great comic... Just Superb.
Amaretto - 2008/8/5
Yo guys. So Im leaving in an hour. Imagine my thrill when I see a new comic!(and a good one at taht)

Be back in a week guys. I'll miss this comic!

It took me like 6 tries to enter the fricken code to make this post.
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/8/5
Ah, so Aldran's brother is the one with Finx's phylactery. Interesting...

Also, I wager you make more in your opening week of donations than I have in my entire run Sad
Advent - 2008/8/5
I don't know, probably from the bag that holds 30 items that it shouldn't be able to hold.
SoD - 2008/8/5
Hey, check it out! I made my will save!

Possibly my favorite line so far...but there's so many classics!
Oranga - 2008/8/5
Where did he pull his sword from?
Crazed - 2008/8/5
Another excellent comic, as usual. The last panel is great!

Also, I'm popping in to explain a little more about the updates. I was able to incorporate a tool that is able to compress PNG files without affecting quality at all, and it has decreased, on average, the comic file sizes by 25%. For instance, this comic was 513KB before, and now it's 410KB. So, this should save us a decent amount of bandwidth, and also save you some time downloading things. This affects both previous and new comics.

So, of course, as with any update, if you have any problems with the site, let me know. This shouldn't affect anything, but I can't always predict everything. Tongue The new buttons on the sub-comic toolbar should appear properly on all browsers, but if not, let me know!

(Also, I'm aware of the problems in the Extras section for FF3 users... still thinking of a solution to that.)
Vizen - 2008/8/4
Stubborn Paladin isn't he? Worried
Forealms - 2008/8/4
Heh. I love banter.
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