He Must Be Getting Used to That...

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/4 (Comics)

Finx's pose in the seventh panel turned out just the way I wanted it to. It's amazing how expressive you can make a character when they actually have pupils.

In site-related news, some of you might have noticed that the comic archives were all out of order near the beginning. That should be straightened out now. We've also added a system that helps compress the comic images themselves by about 1/4, which is good for everyone, especially those with slow connections. Issues should load a little faster for you now.

EDIT: More site news. I added a new part to the About section regarding donations, and a new button there as well. In addition, you might notice the small donation icon next to the RSS feed under each comic as well, which will lead to the same place. If you're feeling generous, then feel free to donate a little to help me along. Like I said in the About section, every little bit helps.

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