Plus Two to Con Job

posted by Chris on 2013/3/21 (Comics)

Hello hello! It's Thursday and Dyluthus is here to put a simple question to you, what on earth could possibly go wrong with buying a mysterious potion from a shady lizard behind an ally next to a food court? Wink

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Rick Mycroft - 2013/3/26
John Wellington Wells as a lizardman.
leakingpen2 - 2013/3/25
good point. V is the arguing over numbers one, haley would have thought for a moment, haggled her down farther, then claimed expenses of the full price to the party. Hmm... Thats a good gag, actually.
loosefoot - 2013/3/25
That was V, not Haley.

Elan: How did you get so many Potions of Heroism?
V: Do not ask.
Leakingpen2 - 2013/3/24
there was a OOTS where Haley argued with a woman who was selling potions for less than it took to make them, and I always wondered if they were watered down.
Kazemi - 2013/3/24
You know, if I had someone who was selling potions for under-cost, my players would purchase those by the bulk. No questions asked. I think I'm going to do that in the next major city.
Pesi - 2013/3/24
Reminds me of the ice-cream salesman from "Curse of Monkey Island"
Dozen - 2013/3/23
For the first time since the old writer left, I finally like where the comic is going! A shady tradesman, nice dialogue, subtler references, I love all of it!
Night Templar - 2013/3/22
leakingpen: Actually, I got the "two Stings" thing, but I think the problem is that part of the reason he got that name was that one outfit, so it might have helped if he had worn that.
Exuberant Panda - 2013/3/22
Nothing ever goes wrong when you buy the unidentified potion. Only good things can come out of that, right?
Xykeb Zraliv - 2013/3/22
I actually liked this strip a lot -- this guy's dialogue is quite well-written. Nice job.
leakingpen2 - 2013/3/22
sigh. I feared the joke would fail. There are TWO Stings under his jacket.
Morthasa - 2013/3/22
CMOT Dibbler makes a guest appearance it seems...
Stephen - 2013/3/22
Don't trust him, Lana!
Tatsu - 2013/3/22
Yay Comic. Also, I was highly entertained to see another brother of Banjo the Deity
Tim - 2013/3/22
"Wow your sword is so huge"
"Damn right it is"
"Can I touch it? Oh high Aldran, I didn't see you there. "
Syd Barrett - 2013/3/22
Nice little addition of sting Happy
Night Templar - 2013/3/21
So I'm guessing "Enlarge Other Things" is actually Eagle's Splendor.

Oh, and "Form" should be capitalized.
Draconi Redfir - 2013/3/21
Clearly the puppet is yet annother deity in the pantheon of Banjo.
loosefoot - 2013/3/21
Is that... Guitar the Rock Star? All hail!
Ralanr - 2013/3/21
Another comic so soon? Madness!

A pink potion? I wonder what it could do.
mad lemmey - 2013/3/21
Another great comic, nice one lads! 8)
My guess is someone will acquire potions, but not buy potions! Happy
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