Cloaca and Dagger

posted by A on 2013/3/18 (Comics)

Sorry for the delay, Computer troubles all around. As Steve Irwin would say, DANGER DANGER DANGER!

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WJS - 2016/10/16
Yes, I would expect a high level ranger to be startled by someone managing to sneak up on them, since you mention it. Her spot and listen checks should be through the roof.
Freelance - 2013/3/20
Actually, I would think Steve Irmwin would say "Croikey! Ain't he a beut?"
Me - 2013/3/19
Huh. So all it takes to scare a high level Tiefling Ranger is a whispered "Psst" in broad daylight.
Archer - 2013/3/19
The only thing more unnatural than a lizard guy with clothing, is a lizard guy with hair.

Dungeons (&) Donuts. Very clever.
loosefoot - 2013/3/19
Guess she's never read the first two panels of this.
Avetzan1 - 2013/3/18
I do think that Keriss is misunderstanding, but it still looks shady enough to joke about it Tongue
Night Templar - 2013/3/18
Avetzan1: OOTS had one who was ALSO in a similar line of work judging by this guy's last line (though not NECESSARILY the same). Unless this guy's a smuggler, and Keriss is just misunderstanding him.
Tatsu - 2013/3/18
Yay comic
Avetzan1 - 2013/3/18
Never did I think I would see the day where a lizard had hair Tongue Nice one guys, maybe I can wait for the next one Tongue
Ralanr - 2013/3/18
Dungeon Donuts....damn it now I want a Dunkin Donut...and there are none where I am!
mad lemmey - 2013/3/18
Nice one guys, looks like something we don't want to see too soon! Tongue
Night Templar - 2013/3/18
Wait a second... Back in panel 1, far right... Is that Hilmor's brother (who may be a loser, but at least he don't bring mass destruction in his wake)?
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