The anti-Heroes Return

posted by A on 2012/12/21 (Comics)

Sorry about the delay, we were nitpicking to make sure the return was proper and epic. Also, Monty Python joke!

To let you all know, while we will probably post some filler, we are taking a break until January! Happy Holidays everyone. Also, Dyluth and I would like to thank everyone that helped spread around or donate to our new comic, DisReality Gears. It will be launching early January as well!

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Domy - 2015/10/8
Sandeep, That's not necessarily true. Because our dog gets reglaur checkups and is on the preventative the vet wants her on, we were stumped when she started the incessant itching. And telling someone what they should have done doesn't help them solve the problem. If you were a vet that I used, I would fire you. People don't write in if they don't care about their pets.

Hastur - 2013/3/3
What's this about Aldran having sleeves again? He doesn't! Another thing which had me a bit concerned was the dissappearing of his wings...

Mad Lemmey - 2013/1/8
And the sleeves are gone again! Has there been a redraw over Xmas? Tongue

angelina - 2012/12/29
I got the joke about the interlude!...with Andil's help, but still!

Night Templar - 2012/12/23
It's okay, Aldran. Keriss will take your fleas. She's having fleas, fleas, fleas, fleas...

But yeah, hilarious reference, though it did take me until the last panel to realize that Kaal was referencing Monty Python in the second to last panel. Now, they just have to avoid rabbits and they should be fine.

Tatsu - 2012/12/23

Paeris Kiran - 2012/12/23
oh come on... "of scum and villainy" should be there before beeing interupted.

Reader - 2012/12/22

And Aldran has sleeves again! Hooray!
Good to have the anti-heroes back.

Dyluthus - 2012/12/22
@TallyHo Aldran's speech bubbles were a mistake on my part, and now corrected Happy

The hunch on Aldran's back is Aldran's left sleeve, the bottom of which along with his hand is obscured by the top of the wagon that he, Kaal and Lana are riding in.

TallyHo - 2012/12/22
Does Aldran have a new type of speech bubble, or is that Lana? And why does Aldran/Lana look like a fat hunchback?

The Ancient One - 2012/12/22
Great first panel. I thought you guys were seriously going to make us wait. But I was hoping for more story after they'd been gone so long. Please focus on the story and not just the gags. Too many can overshadow the point of the story.

Leakingpen2 - 2012/12/21
endplanets, we made that joke already, no one got it Sad

Venalitor - 2012/12/21
I'm sure they're just mishearing him.

endplanets - 2012/12/21
By the gods, how long have they been sitting there. It feels like months..... I'd make a joke about the interlude, but that's not what I want to hear while waiting.

My lame meta humor aside, that was a really good first panel. And it is great to see 3 of the main cast and a blanket.

ME - 2012/12/21
Ha! You had me going with a pretty funny comic, only for it to suck at the punchline! Thanks for not disappointing me and for keeping things crappy for the Anti-Heroes!

Mad Lemmey - 2012/12/21
SUPERB! Very happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happyVery happy

Been waiting for ages, but so worth waiting for, nice one lads! Good tie in to the other portion of the comic too!

Exuberant Panda - 2012/12/21
I suppose Aldran is still huffing the paint from strip 237. Entertaining regardless. Keep it up when the new year comes around.

Kareasint - 2012/12/21
Aldran is going to hurt Kaal. It does not matter that Kaal is a ghost. Aldran will find a way.

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