In a world...

posted by A on 2012/12/7 (Comics)

Hello and hello! It's my Dyluthus and here I am with your regular Thur... okay I confess work got busy last week and I had to put off the comic until today. These things happen in the holiday season sadly Sad

Thank you however all for your patience and thank you for the kind words shared about Leaking Pen's and my new webcomic project the DisReality Gears! This site however is now and shall be forever the realm of the anti-HEROES... so let us return to their misadventures where we find Turrick and his apprentice in the midst of a very deadly game...

Enjoy Happy

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Superdark33 - 2012/12/21
As far as i know, i will probably say somthing like "suspieceious" and get everybody angry so i get myself lynched saying somthing like "i dont know about you, but i had so much fun in here".
Nice. Very happy
asdflove - 2012/12/21
No comic?... But it's Friday?
Oh well, you're excused since the world was supposed to end today. Tongue
ME - 2012/12/19
Paeris Kiran - 2012/12/19
I wonder how Turic is going to solve the problem when he eventualy will have to check his protege...

Maybe reducing the number of people around and then a volley of fireballs on the blond chick... I know what a waste... bleached psychotic girls are so rare Sad
Leakingpen2 - 2012/12/17
well, he seemed to be the second person on every accusation.

and seer gives you a sign yes or no, is that person a werewolf.
The Ancient One - 2012/12/17
Ah, crap. I must have lost count. I thought the Anti-Heroes would be returning the next update, which I guess IS the NEXT update not THIS update. Sad
Paeris Kiran - 2012/12/17
Speaking of which... I know werewolf kills someone each round if not found, but what does seer actualy do?
Draconi Redfir - 2012/12/17
Think we need a page showing all of the players together, i legit don't remember the guy Turrick is using his seer powers on DOING anything.
Paeris Kiran - 2012/12/17
Killing her is waste of enegy Very happy she just needs some love and bedding Very happy
JackTheTripper1 - 2012/12/17
Man, if I was one of them right now, I'd throw my badge to the ground and try and kill that insane bleach-blonde. Why would anyone want to keep playing along with that?!?
Dyluthus - 2012/12/16
Indeed I ran into a crunch with work last week sadly and it's delayed aH a tad, but work on the new issue is well under way and the new issue should be up later tonight Happy

Stay tuned!
Leakingpen2 - 2012/12/15
Hey Everyone! Dyluthus has run into a few personal time sinks, the new comic should be up by the weekend's end
TallyHo - 2012/12/14
Seeing as it's Friday and the comic was to replace this ad yesterday, Then this comic has already delayed you. I need Anti-Heroes!
Mad Lemmey - 2012/12/14
Added to funding, good luck gents!Very happy
Tempist - 2012/12/13
Um ... sooo I just got done reading all of your comic's ... THIS IS AMAZING BY THE WAY!!! ... but ... it's ended and ... I dont know what to do with my life now!!!!! It says that next Thursday ... which is today ... you were supose to put up a new one! BUT THERE IS NO NEW ONE!! OH NOZE!!!! *Cries*
The Ancient One - 2012/12/9
When the Anti-Heroes return, I hope they get a truly deserved long story arc.
aragorn1398 - 2012/12/9
Awesome to hear that your new project won't delay aH and that you are opening a new website with the Dypen name Very happy
Leakingpen2 - 2012/12/8
Aragorn, thank you! I was going to go through the threads and find out who that was to give proper credit. We're actually calling the business and a future website Studio Dypen! It won't delay aH at ALL! we promised ourselves that when we started.

Me, as was stated last week, issue 293 will be The Return of the anti-Heros (this thursday, this ad will be replaced with a comic. And there is a comic from Last thursday if you hit back.)


In a world where gears are circuits, and electricity uncontrollable, nations at war find their lives turned upside by two refugees from our world. They must work together, or both worlds will be destroyed.

And kickstarter is a crowd funding website.
aragorn1398 - 2012/12/8
I see the Dypen name still stands Very happy Glad I suggested it. Also, I hope that the new comic will not delay Anti-Heroes too much. Looking forward to your work either way Dypen!
Me - 2012/12/7
Yay! Yet another way to avoid showing the Anti-Heroes in the comic about Anti-Heroes!
Locnil - 2012/12/7
In a world what?

Also... Kickstarter?
leakingpen - 2012/12/7
Also, Please press BACK to see this weeks comic.
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