SOMEone Had To Be First

posted by A on 2012/12/6 (Comics)

And so we say so long to... wait a second. Isn't that the same girl that we already saw meet Laris after hearing Giacomo? WTF?

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WJS - 2016/10/12
“Koboldian: Maybe they all get resurected at the end”

Given that the entry fee was 20 gold per head, that seems a bit unlikely. Possible, if some eccentric, powerful being sees the games as entertainment worth spending hundreds of thousands of gold on, but my money is on illusions of some kind. We already know they've got some pretty powerful illusions going on with the badges (Turrick is a high level wizard, a will save he can't make is something special), so it's not much of a stretch.
Raja - 2014/3/12
Hey there Coco! I have been a fan of fashion and of moedls since I was very little. My mom was never fashionable, but the intrigue struck my heart young and I've held it close for all these years. You are a beautiful model with a brilliant mind and a generous soul. I'm embarrassed to say that for a couple of years, my bad self image stole me away from my true happiness (fashion and moedls). It was only within the last couple of months that I came back with a fresh take on the industry. What changed all of that was your article "My Uncensored Point Of View". You grabbed a hold of my heart strings and pulled them with all of your might. Even though I still have a negative self image, I can once again see the beauty in the industry. Fashion has re-captured some of its wonder, thanks to you! I wanted to personally thank you for giving me back my love and passion. You are indeed a shining, sparkling ray of light ... and will forever be one of my all-time favorite people in the industry. I sure wish that there were more like you Happy
Night Templar - 2012/12/15
Ah. I see. Thanks for clearing that up.
Leakingpen2 - 2012/12/15
I apologize, I was setting up a gag from Mel Brooks' History of the World, Part I. In which Madeline Kahn as queen asks her assistant about some escaped criminals, "What happens if they are caught?" Her assistant replies, "If they are caught, then they are hung!" Kahn quickly replys, "NOT NECESSARILY!"
Night Templar - 2012/12/13
...I hadn't thought about the possibility that Bleuse wants an excuse to kill them, such as them attempting to escape. Come to think about it, that would make sense if Fire Belly wants them alive so that he could make them into his servants. After all, a few high-level adventurers would make goblins disposable, so the goblins would have a good reason to get rid of the party.

If you'll excuse me, I'll be in a corner praying that Bleuse just wants Fire Belly dealt away with.
But I like it - 2012/12/13
But Night Templar, I wouldn't mind more hung OOTS-style characters... you know what I mean.
Leakingpen2 - 2012/12/11
Well Night, we do have a party about to try escaping a goblin dungeon. You know what happens if they're caught?
Night Templar - 2012/12/10
I just realized something. Less than 30 days ago, another OOTS-style comic (Murphy's Law) had a character hung. I hope this doesn't become a trend.
Koboldian - 2012/12/10
The poor little rougue-maid. I'm waiting for her to just run and find a nice quiet spot to hide.
Night Templar - 2012/12/8
I feel her pain. Well, the pain of always dying ridiculously early on in Werewolf games. I don't feel the pain of having my neck snapped, obviously.
Me - 2012/12/7
This is dumb.
Koboldian - 2012/12/7
Maybe they all get resurected at the end... killing any repeat business can't be a good thing
Stephen - 2012/12/7
How can this be anyone's idea of a good time?!
recentlyafish - 2012/12/7
No, Bowser's castle has a flag out front Wink
The Ancient One - 2012/12/7
I keep trying to click forward to #293 but nothing is happening. Wink

Can't wait for the return of the anti-heroes!
Mario - 2012/12/7
Is that Bowser's castle?
hariman - 2012/12/6
Huh. Curiouser and curiouser. Why would she ask a question like that if it's her first time?
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