Keeping it Close to the Chest

posted by Chris on 2012/10/18 (Comics)

Another Thursday and another edition of anti-HEROES and the on-going saga of For Ah Magame!

Personally I just love the idea of a magical ID badge that masks it's label to everyone else but the wearer with a little floating censored bar Happy

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Duryodhan - 2015/10/9
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angelina - 2012/12/29
@lefiath It's not possible to please everybody. Many of us like it, and if you don't? Stop reading. Simple as that.
leakingpen - 2012/11/5
Lefiath, trolling is tossing out random negative comments to try and get a response. Which is what you are doing. If you actually CARED, you'd offer something to say other than, you suck, but that is all your paragraph boils down to. Give me what you DO like, or HOW you would like it to be done different, and you're a constructive criticizer. That said, not everything is for everyone, so if you don't like it, that's fine, you have that right. No butthurt here.
Antifinity - 2012/10/27
I read the comic before the switch. I liked the other one more, but this one is very good too. Does there really need to be a war in the comments every day?
lefiath - 2012/10/27
leakingpen, it would you help to learn to accept critisism, loosen your ego a little, and learn what trolling means. Trust me, if I wanted to troll you, it would look different. No, I just wanted to express my dissapointment, and if the few people that are left from the previous audience applaud to you for this garbage, good for you. If you are perfectly happy with this, no need to reply to me and feel butthurt.
Night Templar - 2012/10/25
Dwarf: I think they're just lying. The werewolf doesn't want to admit who they are to anyone if they want to win, and the seer will survive longer if nobody overhears them saying who they really are, as werewolves will usually target them. However, I suppose it's possible that ONE is lying, but the other thinks they said villager.
Dwarf - 2012/10/25
They think they are saying Seer and Werewolf, but what the other hears is villager. So they both thin kthe other knows what they are. Nice magic effect.
leakingpen - 2012/10/23
Sorry you feel that lefiath. Unfortunately, not everything is for everyone. Based on the general ratios of people complaining to those that are unhappy, and people praising versus the total number who like something, I'm going to say you are largely alone here. The vast majority are happy with the art, and the humor, they just want the main characters back. As far as writing funny, I've made a buck here and there as a comedy writer for a variety of projects since the late nineties, so again, to each his own. Thank you for the feedback, but quite honestly, unless you have some actual criticism other than a thinly veiled, "You Suck", suggestions of what you would PREFER to see, we will take your words as empty and hollow. But if you have anything constructive to say that isn't simply flowery troll speech, please, share!
lefiath - 2012/10/22
I have no idea what's going on in this comic. For quite a while... I'm not writing this to ridicule you or mock you, but to say how I honestly feel about "current" events. You can't write anything funny - I'm sorry, but either that or this is definetely not your thing. It's boring, nothing is going on, and above all, it's not funny. Also, this is weird, coming from such a simple artistic style, but even that is worse than the original. As a long time fan of this comics, I'm saying this simply because I think you shoud've saved your time for something more productive and simply let this opened until the original creator returns. If he ever returns.
leakingpen - 2012/10/22
The ancient one, a good chunk was written, we've gone through that. The story exists, he has some notes, but wants to be more detailed and concise in what he gives us to work with. The main story is his baby, and Dyluth and I will treat it however he asks us to! However, if you like what we've been doing so far, we DO have our own comic coming up soon! A bit different in Genre, but we shall see!
Barmacral - 2012/10/20

The bugbear is a werewolf in the game, and must hide from the villagers while they attempt to kill her. This is why they keep lynching each other, to try and find her and any other werewolves. Werewolves win when they equal or outnumber the villagers. This game involves a large amount of deception and analysis.
Locnil - 2012/10/20
Can you explain exactly why she didn't just tell the old man hers said Werewolf?
The Ancient One - 2012/10/20
I thought Zara was supposed to hand over all the story content when he retired from the comic? This is beginning to sound more like Zara never had the story mapped out to its conclusion. Might be good to just ask for everything Zara has documented and then quietly show the original creator the door. That's my two cents anyway.
Kazemi - 2012/10/20
Hey, it's like they're playing Trouble in Terrorist Town or Morbus! Not sure which one yet. I'm guessing TTT, since that other guy is unlikely to respawn as a werewolf now...
Koboldian - 2012/10/19
No disappearing! I rely on anti-heroes for weekly entertainment and I personally like seeing what messes other characters manage to get themselves into. I've been wondering about the gnome and bugbear trip for awhile. Wink
leakingpen - 2012/10/19
Hate to sound like I'm making excuses, but we have been in contact a bit with Zara (The creator). He has graduated school, spent the summer prepping for, and moving, and is starting a new job. We are going to be twisting a bit between the werewolf game, and the hero's quest to get out of the town they are in, but we may go on hiatus after those stories are done, depending on how things go. I've said it before, if you all want to wait, hit the RSS button at the bottom, and just check the titles each week, as the first comic with the anti-Heroes back will be called, The anti-Heroes Return!
STC - 2012/10/19
"They're waiting for the original writer to give them a plot."

Huh. The last time the title characters appeared, the current managers said the same thing in the comments. They're waiting for the original writer to give them a plot.

Well that was almost 10 months ago. By now, I've lost confidence that will ever happen.
Draconi Redfir - 2012/10/19
@ The Ancient One

They're currently waiting on the origional writer of the comic for what's happening next, this is entirely filler on their part so we aren't looking on a full three-month haiaitus with no updates whatsoever.
The Ancient One - 2012/10/19
Just wondering, are we ever going to see the main group? You know, those nice villain people who are supposed to be the main cast of this comic? I've almost forgotten what they look like. Happy
Tatsu - 2012/10/19
Yay Comic!
Mad Lemmey - 2012/10/19
Oh no! lease get her out of there safely! Sigh
Or make the moon come out quick so the real wolfie can be revealed!!! Very happy
Draconi Redfir - 2012/10/18
Noooo not the cute bugbear maid! It's no wonder she doesn't have a name yet! O_o
Koboldian - 2012/10/18
Poor little rogue maid. She should have told the gnome that she's suppose to maul people... Guess she'll have to sneak a badge... or just throw her's and run off into the wild.
Dyluthus - 2012/10/18
Before I forget, I'd also like to say thank you to the user who sent us some information on the science behind the "Bokeh" effect, and how genuine out of focus images appear versus images that have been altered with a gaussian blur.
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