Maybe She Likes It Rough

posted by Jordan on 2010/1/5 (Comics)

I don't really have anything else to say, so I'll keep things simple. I'm aiming for Friday as my next update day, so I'll see you then.

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Zovrenn - 2010/1/9
I love the design for the dryad.I loved that you created your own design instead of using OOTS'
Big C - 2010/1/7
Yup he is Lawful Evil.
Forealms - 2010/1/7
Bwahaha! Very happy
Face of Evil - 2010/1/6
Got to watch out for those wooden hussies. Even if they're just seducing you and not trying to kill you, they still leave you with splinters. Tongue

Thanks for the update, Zarah.
blakjak - 2010/1/6
Well, thats one way to solve your girl problems - the kind of problems where they want to kill you that is. Tongue

Glad to see the comic up and running occassionally. Though I wonder if we will ever see that Dyrad again..
rowsdower44 - 2010/1/6
Love the title.
Ertai - 2010/1/6
I can't help myself... but are there any heroes in this comic? I mean you know... the good ones...
Aldran, Lana and others are Antiheroes...
Andil and his band are jerks...
And paladins...
SamuraiMing - 2010/1/5
Yeah, you're on a roll!
I wonder how long it'll take for Laris to get abandoned/murdered/mugged/betrayed by the group? I'm betting 10 episodes!!
Silversaraph - 2010/1/5

Gah! It took my 15 tries at the image verification...
Micah - 2010/1/5
Wow, I guess you did get some updates stockpiled Happy Nice to see you back in action
Kareasint - 2010/1/5
@Laris: Because it's better than being assaulted by a cleric.
Kazemi - 2010/1/5
My bardic senses are tingling.
Wing - 2010/1/5
Whoa, I didn't believe my RSS feed at first.

Almanro - 2010/1/5
I like very much the way you mantain and better define the "heroes" characteristics: Andil (the elf) is every time more obnoxious while Hilmor (the dwarf) is constantly maltreated by the others! Happy

Great comic as always! Wink
Gruffel - 2010/1/5
And there I was hoping for some Bard on Dryad action Sad
awibs - 2010/1/5
I am so glad you are back! two comics in a row, what a treat!
MTONinja - 2010/1/5
Chivalry almost got the better of him again Happy
Meirnon - 2010/1/5
Well done. Honestly, seeing this comic updated brightens my day, especially with such "amiable" characterization of the adventurers.
Gael - 2010/1/5
What? Another comic? This soon!

Good work as always.
Alastair - 2010/1/5
WHOA... I didn't expect a NEW comic... not this month! Very happy

Loved the jokes. Very happy
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