posted by Jordan on 2010/1/22 (Comics)

A little lighter on the humor side this time, but some necessary plot to get out of the way. Things are heating up down in Tydaris, and they're only going to get hotter.

Unfortunately, the next update won't be until next week. Enjoy this in the meantime and good luck with your crackpot theories! Tongue

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CCX - 2010/8/6
So now Zurie has the vial. Interesting...I keep wondering if Lana will ever use that vial.
Ref - 2010/3/5
Brian got it right, thank you.

Apologies accepted. Now let's keep hoping. Happy
Jenrock - 2010/3/4
Fair enough, I suppose I was dissecting his comment too much, for which I apologize.

Also, I don't think anyone has said (in this discussion) that they are quitting, only that Zarah may not be coming back.

And let's face it, as long as the topic stays this civil, there's no need to bury our frustrations. Compare this discussion to the one in #204, and you may be astonished. Ironically enough, my position here is the exact same as it was on #204, so I'll here it is.

While I don't agree with his tact, Little lamb ded isn't entirely wrong. As a college student I can certainly agree that it gets in the way, but this does not free anyone from the responsibility of being honest with his readership. If he says we'll get a comic on Saturday, we should get one of two things on Saturday: the comic or a message here simply stating that the comic won't be coming. The latter takes only a negligible amount of time to type.

I love this comic, and will continue to read it as long as Zarah makes it, but this lack of communication with his readership is simply inexcusable.

(I apologize if it came off as bad form to quote myself, my intent was not to exalt myself merely to relate a still-relevant opinion).
Brian - 2010/3/4
(Note: A bit late for me, so my thoughts aren't exactly as well worded as they could be, and transitions between them are quite poor. I do apologize for this.)

I belief Ref's merely asking for us to trust Zarah to--eventually, be it tomorrow or a year from now--update. To have faith and just check back once a week or so.

Heck, I read somewhere around ten webcomics. Very few of them update regularly, so I naturally don't refresh them that often. So, when I do, I'll either be met with a nice surprise (update), or go on as I had been before and wait 'til my next attempt at refershing.
A similar strategy works just as well for this comic. There was a massive gap, and a hiatus, but after that, there were updates fairly regularly...and now we're back to having a massive gap. It happens. We can't change it. So we live with it. The very fact that you're commenting on this page is proof you haven't truly given up; anyone who DID truly give up would just close the window/tab, and never come back. So, just bury the frustration. Don't be annoyed, just let it play out.
Jenrock - 2010/3/3
Ref, I find your comment to be very odd and possibly offensive, so please explain so we (or just I) know what on earth you're talking about.
Ref - 2010/3/2
Someone ask Barack Obama (or whoever has the power to do that, I'm not from the States) to change the writing on the dollar notes to "In Zarah We Trust".
Gnoya - 2010/3/2
Not Trolling.. Jenrock is exactly right.

And rather than just rant i figured i would throw in my reasons why he is "irresponsible", and WHY i think we will NOT see an update.. since that was in fact what i was replying to.

Also included what kind of motivation that he may or may not have in continuing, so really based on observations.. he has none...

So yes Frustration

Jenrock - 2010/3/2
I don't know if it's trolling so much as frustration. Over a month ago, we were promised an update in a week. The lack of update, and (more importantly) any communication at all, is the very definition of irresponsibility. Gnoya is merely expressing a shared sense of aggravation, albeit in a mildly over-aggressive way.
Brian - 2010/3/1
Try not to respond to Gnoya. The tone presented in that comment reeks of "troll", wanting a flame war for calling out...well, pretty much any and everything which would make a reader angry.
Reader - 2010/2/28
Except, Gnoya, that he constantly pushes Anti-Heroes to the back *because* of his work/school schedule. That says that he is more loyal to his responsibilities, as opposed to his hobbies. A lot of the time, you have to substitute what you want to do with what you have to do. I'm guessing that's what's happening here.
kpenguin - 2010/2/28
Hmmm... he seems to have enough energy and time to start a Let's Play...
Gnoya - 2010/2/27
Guessing never.

1) He doesn't do this for money.. So no motivation there. IF he was making money on this he woulda been dropped by whom ever was paying him in the first place / fired

2)He doesn't do this for personal fame/glory because if he did .. the only notoriety he is getting is a reputation as being someone that really doesn't care about his fan base, and shows that he is incapable of following thru with a plan ( a GREAT skill for future jobs eh!)

3) And lastly he doesn't do this becuase he enjoys it or loves the artistic merits of it. If he did he WOULD in fact update and follow his "passions" or at least update his fans that he built on this adventure.

So why he does this comic anymore.. I have no idea.. however it does reflect on his character more than he thinks and if this is how he conducts himself in future.. good luck asking people if hey want fries with that..
Crazed - 2010/2/27
Just popping in to assure you Zarah is not dead. However, I don't have any ideas as to when the next comic will be up.
Brian - 2010/2/25
Nah, Guardian_Angel, I'm fairly sure most of us have had our lives ruined by TVTropes/ overreading-watching some media/something similar, and that nobody who actually LOOKS at the comments would actually mind that much. Tongue

I'm kinda wondering what kind of person Arderas is--what gambit(s) would best describe his moves (Batman [can fail], Xanatos [probably won't], you get the idea), how many of the types describe what he is (definitely at least a Chessmaster with tints of Manipulative *@$7@%^, from what I've seen in this comic), like if he planned to be imprisoned (MyDeathIsOnlyTheBeginning), or if in order to ascend to godhood, he needs Aldran to kill him (Thanatos Gambit). Stuff like that.

I think that either Zurie is going to be playing a significantly higher role in the near-future (I'm not talking about "leading the troops"-type. I'm talking "key to the plan without her I fail"-type, the same kind of vibe I get when Aldran talks about Lana), or that we're *supposed* to think that, and she'll...well, continue to just be useless. (AKA, Red Herring. Be it by the author, Arderas, or both, meh, also not sure yet.)

...Yea, I know, that's pretty much the only two options, really, but the first is somewhat predictable, the second is becoming more popular, and I can't see Taking a Third Option (ideas? Tongue ), here, yet, so still thinking about which is more likely. (I'm bad at this. I *used* to be so good at Outrageously Unlikely Guesses, too. >_
Guardiaan_Angel - 2010/2/25
Hey, what the hell...even if anonymous is Zarah or not, it doesnt matter. He is right regardless of his origin and I think that a few ideas might just lighten up the mood, eh?

So here goes one for me:
Arderas obviously struck a deal with Eldhin in some wicked kind of way and is using the mother as a leverage. Which means that their mother is still alive and we are probably about to see her sooner o later. And Arderas must have a hunch where is she hiding or where has he hid her himself, Im not sure on that hiding by himself part tho, because Eldhin pointed out that Arderas doesnt know, which now gives me the impression that Eldhin actually hid her. This might be the reason why those two are in a disagreement, because I cannot imagine anything else than a family tragedy that could split up two brothers (maybe even twins?), but Im basing that on my own family relations. Of course, if Aldran screwed Eldhins gf at any time, that would make a lot of sense too.
So, we now have an imprisoned Aldran, on purpose, surely. He wants to get to the library for the charts and the location of the island where his father bound Arderas to his little cage. Then I expect some kind of "Pirates of the Carribean" journey into nowhere, or somewhere, where that somewhere cannot be found (Im getting lost in the somewhere's now, some OOTS somewhere and nowhere paradox apparently...) But Im just thinking big here, no details about the pressing matters of the imprisonment and stuff. Im sure that Keriss would be able to break free of her chains without sweating Kaal has also the anti magic bracers on his ectoplasmatical body? Wtf?

Anyway...feel free to comment Very happy and upgrade the story, eventho I guess I havent said much else than the obvious, which Im quite sorry for...
Logalmier - 2010/2/25
Who wants to bet on whether or not Anonymous is actually Zarah or not?
Anonymous - 2010/2/24
Wild Mass Guessing: "Enjoy this in the meantime and good luck with your crackpot theories!" translates to "I'm not sure what to do next, and could use some help with plot lines"--so, the way to get a comic or two is to give a few ideas. Suggest away! Tongue
Brian - 2010/2/24
You know, the fact that in only a month, the number of comments on this page doubling should be proof enough of just how much people value this comic. Wink

They almost all express their unique opinion, and most of those opinions speak virtually nothing but positive about you.

For the most part, the advice is basically saying "continue", "go on", "don't quit", etc., but in its own unique way. Happy

Another one of the universal opinions I'm witnessing...
Is comprehension. Understanding what you're going through.

We all know what it's like (well, most of us probably do) to go through some sort of tough time.

Work, School, School AND Work, death of someone you're close to, etc. Things happen, and we can't stop them--but we can relate to them.

Hence, I think almost everyone here is going to agree when I say that you'll always have our support (no matter your decision--although I think we all know that we'd prefer you continue... Tongue ) and loyal readers.

Sure, some fans will die off, killed by inactivity. But others will replace them.

So, take your time. Do whatever you think is right, and I'm sure you'll find very little objection. Very happy

--Also, side-note, but commenting on here would probably do loads to help people.
A simple "Sorry, RL's a killer right now; won't update for a while, but not ending comic" or something along those lines, to, well, let us know that you're not dead, would be appreciated. Happy
Leper0Messiah - 2010/2/23
heh, just a side note the copyright says 2009 when the issue before it says 2010...this amuses me.

And while I respect FoE, I don't think giving up on the series is exactly necessary. I understand that it's been awhile but it's a good comic that I'm willing to check everyday regardless if new posts are months in between. I figure you post when you can, but I'll keep checking, everyday, even when you say the comic's dead just to make sure. I love this comic, sometimes even more then OOTS, and I understand that posting takes time. Regardless of how long it takes for the next comic, I'll be there when it comes up.
-Kyler, a loyal fan (:
Marko - 2010/2/22
Hi Zarah, I'm in agreeance with magic9mushroom. I know it's tough to keep a whole bunch of people over the internet happy. Either regular updates (a few times a week) or a strict schedule will ensure people can fit checking the comic into their routines. Maybe if you took a break for a few months and got a backlog of comics ready - say about 8-9. Then you could release them weekly over a period of 9 weeks in which time you could prepare more comics - or not. A mini-series of 9 comics 1 / week could be like a television series.

I also read OOTS and Erfworld. OOTS in the last several months has started to annoy me because of the super irregular update schedule. Erfworld on the other hand has been releasing every 3-4 days at the slowest with either text updates (still a part of the story) or comic updates and have been thoroughly enjoying the frequent updates - so Erfworld has gone from my number 3 webcomic to number 1 - just by updating regularly (I prefer traditional DnD so I'm more inclined to OOTS and Anti-Heroes). But either way - no pressure, just thought I would share.

Logalmier - 2010/2/20
He already took a hiatus not to long ago. I'm not disagreeing with that idea, I'm just pointing that out.
magic9mushroom - 2010/2/20
I wouldn't advise giving it up. What I would advise is a hiatus, like Rich has done with OotS several times. Take 6 months off or something, tell us how long it's going to be, and get a strip buffer built up. Then, based on how long it takes you to make them, change the listed update schedule to e.g. Updates Mondays. With a strip buffer you can keep a regular update schedule despite irregular actual progress - as long as you keep the schedule slow enough to keep up.

If you did this, then we'd know when to check it and wouldn't feel like we're left hanging.
Lexa - 2010/2/19
Nah Zarah, don't throw in the towel. I'd be willing to bet that most of us are sweet with waiting as long as it takes for another update, given how freaking awesome they are. Keep up the fantastic work!

I think people just get cranky when they don't get the rush of endorphins from checking something and finding an update. Certainly true for email...
Face of Evil - 2010/2/19
Zarah ... as much as I'm willing to defend this comic, perhaps it's time to throw in the towel?

I'd understand if your life is too busy/complicated to continue updating. Keeping up a comic like this and balancing RL ... well, it's hard. I'd totally understand if you just posted a quick message saying, "Sorry, show's over folks." I'd love to hear a quick synopsis of the remaining plot.
Reader - 2010/2/18
@FlaminCows He's said multiple times that the comic is not dead unless he specifically comes out and says it is. Besides, he's been gone longer than this before.

Although, it does get a little irritating when he says that he'll update at such-and-such a time, and nothing pops up at said time.
FlaminCows - 2010/2/18
A full two months aaaannd... nothing happens.

At this point, I am afraid that this has now become an orphaned comic and that the author is not going to finish it.
Dancing_Fox - 2010/2/16
After reading through this comic - and comments - several times, I am beginning to doubt that any committment to a timeframe for next posting bears any passing resemblance to reality.

In fact, I am starting to suspect that failing to meet proposed posting dates is one of the running gags of this strip.

(Good comic though.)
Fox - 2010/2/16
Awesome comic! Good story! Great characters!

What else to say?
someone - 2010/2/14
That's funny, because real nine year olds hate it when people say that they do not understand something because they are only nine. I call BS OVER THE INTERNET.

Brian - 2010/2/14
Hmm, very interesting, considering you still chose to comment on it.
Is it just this newest one, or all of them?
riley - 2010/2/12
i did not think your comic was funny maybe because im ounly nine yyeaes old
Doc Mesa - 2010/2/8
I feel the update information is incorrect. Should read:

Updates Sporadically-ish. Maybe.

But a terrific comic and one of the better, if not the best, OoTS-alikes.
Sarin - 2010/2/8
I hope the comic will have an unexpected turn soon. So farit looks like brothers vs. Arderas and Zurie.
Big C - 2010/2/6
He'll have them when he isnt busy. This isnt his job it's his hobby.
Brian - 2010/2/5
"Next Week" really means "Next Month". Well, it's February NOW, so maybe they'll update soon. Either that, or it'll be the other definition of "Next Month", which is four weeks. So, we're half-way there! Tongue
magic9mushroom - 2010/2/5
Hmm. "Next week"? By my count it's been 2. Something happen?
Ref - 2010/2/1
Hey, I'm used to slow checking, and BAM! Four strips at once. It is very interesting...

I look forward to the Ivory Veil diagram!
Ben Harrison - 2010/1/29
I hadn't checked the comic for the past ten strips or so, but I just came back and read them all - fantastic!

I'm absolutely loving the Aldran & Zurie dialogue; I really hope those two will be together (in one way or another) more in the future.
odin - 2010/1/28
It looks identical, and it was nicked from the person who had it last, so: Almost certainly, yes.

I take it 'next week' meant 'in a week'?
SerosSenric - 2010/1/28
Just to make sure, that bottle contains the sacred heal-everything water, right?
Red XIV - 2010/1/28
“Zurie doesn't seem like she would do something like touch Eldhin.”

Or so she says. Tongue
Orion - 2010/1/27
Wow, Eldhin's father is some kind of tactical geniu-
Big C - 2010/1/25
You copyright is out of date
Llamallord27 - 2010/1/25
Cool! updates coming fast-ish now!
CMOTDibbler - 2010/1/24
Very cool, Zarah. I must say, this is probably the longest running OOTs-style comic I've read. And I've read quite a few. Really awesome story, and your own site too. Very nice. Happy
Alastair - 2010/1/24
Boy, oh boy, oh boy - can't wait for what's coming! Happy
Dsarker - 2010/1/23
Anyone else think Eldhin is getting disenchanted by the prospect of serving Arderas?

awibs - 2010/1/23
Ooh! I want to see if the brothers finally have to work together when it has to do with their mother!
Aniuch - 2010/1/23
Oooh...the plot thickens. Happy Can't wait.
Tanner - 2010/1/22
Hasent Mr. demi-god ever played chess? bishops ALWAYS go in diangles. Wink
Brian - 2010/1/22
Lol, fridge brilliance, in my opinion. Zurie doesn't seem like she would do something like touch Eldhin. NOW it makes sense. Wink
novacat - 2010/1/22
We likely did see her steal it. See panel 3 of 212: "Don't touch me."
LoreMiles - 2010/1/22
Woah, Zurie must really be an epic level rogue to steal of Eldhin. Hell, even we didn't see it Very happy
Klytus - 2010/1/22
A supposedly good demi-god can only keep his most powerful followers in line with threats!?! Yikes. I'd hate to see a deal with the devil...
Kazemi - 2010/1/22
The bottle goes back to comic 152.
I'm betting Zurie is rogues and Quentas is either druids or spell casters in general. I've got no clue what Rallut is.
SamuraiMing - 2010/1/22
A major revelation! COOL! And yet another update! Even better! Thank you ever so much Zarah!!

It's funny how the Ivory Veil is supposed to be good and all, but Anderas seems to be such a !@!^%@!$@&.
FrankNorman - 2010/1/22
So how is Arderas able to make meaningful threats at all, if he's in fact stuck in another dimension somewhere? Either Aldrin has his facts wrong, or Arderas is good at bluffing.
Peregrine - 2010/1/22
oh my, the plot doth thicken, zarah.. how u keep me on my toes!

it's nice to establish arderas with some character as something other than just a laid back dude...
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