One Of These Days, It'll Work

posted by Jordan on 2010/1/15 (Comics)

And a whole school of crackpot theories dies today as I finally reveal one of the last two members of the Ivory Veil. His arrival wasn't that climactic, I agree, but that's kind of Rallut's style. And I know I'll have to update the cast page as well, but I'll probably be holding off on that until Quentas makes his full appearance as well.

Also, a sudden bout of sickness caused me to fall behind with my slight buffer again, but with this weekend coming up, I aim to get at least one comic done before shoving off back to work. I'm too excited about this plot arc to stop now. Tongue

Anyway, enjoy the comic!

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magic9mushroom - 2010/1/18
Well, two hells are already cold...
Knight13 - 2010/1/17
No, the druid guy was just a field operative. The shadowy guy watching the candle going out was Quentas. You can tell because his silhouette is the same as Quentas' on the cast page
Shadow - 2010/1/17
Quentas did not make his appearance? I thought the druid guy Aldran killed was Quentas. I thought that because one of the four candles in the Ivory Veil burned low.
Well, maybe not.
Guardiaan - 2010/1/17
To MTONinja:

That is easy. Aldran needs the map leading to the island where his father imprisoned Arderas into his semi-prison. They talked about it with Turrick a few strips back. The map is in library in Tyrdaris and the fastest way to get there was simply to get busted by Eldhin and then safe trip with no paladin surprises along the road.
Brian - 2010/1/16
"But it would be a cold day in all Hells when I willingly let you free." Anyone else see the Tempting Fate potential in that comment? Tongue
Zovrenn - 2010/1/15
I like this new guy, Rallut. Good design, neat personality, and the first paladin I've seen that reminds me of a surfer. Heh..."ouch, man."
Peregrine - 2010/1/15
Awesome again, zarah. Nice to see more IV politics play out.

I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting for Aldran's agenda to play out... Very happy
Inkling - 2010/1/15
Hm, I think I like Rallut. He certainly is a promising character. Can't wait to see more!
Kazemi - 2010/1/15
I like how Aldran is right there, ready to whisper into his bro's ear. And he's STILL not taking this seriously.
MTONinja - 2010/1/15
I wonder if we will see a brother team up eventually. I am still in suspense on what Aldran's goal is and why he wanted caught in the first place.
Gael - 2010/1/15
He's not the best paladin in the world. Still, I'm happy we have regular updates again.

*knocks on wood*
Diolki - 2010/1/15
Wow, we may be looking at five posts in one month?! Haven't seen that in a while.
SamuraiMing - 2010/1/15
Another update? Thank you very much Mr.Goat!!!
DUM DUM DUM, arrival of the next of the Ivory Veil. And I will bet that eventually, Eldhin WILL release Aldran. Definately happening.
Blakjak - 2010/1/15
Well Rallut certaintly isnt what I had expected him to be. I thought he would be more serious, he he sounds like a surfer dude or something.

Well thats three of the four generals, lets see that mage guy out in the open now shall we?
Klytus - 2010/1/15
Dude... what kind of paladin/cleric says "I'm sure it can wait" when he gets word that his GOD wants to have a chat? Is Eldhin ADHD or something? Talk about hyper-focusing!

Awesome comic, BTW Happy
Malygoss - 2010/1/15
Epic... I was kind of hoping Eldhin will let him free at that point...
Jack - 2010/1/15
I'm so glad I kept checking the site. The plots thickening. Of course, now I need to go on an archive binge.
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