So Many Islands, So Many Mysterious Islands

posted by Chris on 2014/10/17 (Comics)

Good evening everyone, it's Dyluthus here, it's a few hours past midnight but not too late for a Thursday update of anti-HEROES! Join Aldran and his search for a mysterious island amongst many mysterious islands.


Also there seems to be a slight compression issue with the artwork in this comic when posted. I will look into this and have it fixed as soon as possible.

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David Jenkins - 2014/10/28
Plot Progression!!!

Another-fake-anon - 2014/10/23
I believe it was stripping him of his mysters and secrets. As the cloak has been a metaphor since the beginning. first clean, black and imposing, important, now used elimed and soon cut and discarded.

If it really was something devious, a more probable and easy target for insinuation would be one of the two girls, beside, i doubt there is any people interrested in this sort of joke here.

Well, with this, we reach Meta II. (and before the goodwin !)
Tiri - 2014/10/23
I just figured out what possibly-fake-Anon meant by 'strip Aldran'. Ew.
Sciury. - 2014/10/23
Thank for the explanation (through it would have been better without the insult). I knew of this under another name (in another language).

I believe w was referencing exactly the whole "posting with my handle" thing. and dypen reaction a few strip ago.
Anon - 2014/10/22
Most of the Anons posting are me, the one Anon who's been hating on the comic for a while now. The only exceptions are a few posts during that great "he's posting with my handle!" debacle that showed up a few pages back, and this "strip Aldran" comment. I'm not complaining about other people using the obviously common handle, so don't put words in my mouth (or on my screen, as it were) W.

Sciury, I think you are dyslexic. Which means nothing I write here will help you, but I'll have at it anyway. If you actually look at the letters on the page, the word he is saying is "Hunt," not "Unit." A scavenger hunt is an activity wherein a number of people, often competing teams, scour the area for previously decided-upon objects. They are looking for a thing, therefore, scavenger hunt.

(Well really, it's not too much like a scavenger hunt, because they're only looking for one thing and they barely know what it is. The key part of a scavenger hunt is, you know, scavenging. It's more like a treasure hunt, or really it's just...following a map. But the author is a moron who wants everything to be gimmicky in some way and ends up failing, as per my many previous remarks.)
Sciury. - 2014/10/22
what does kaal means exactly by scavenger unit ? is there a reference?
Nona Reverse - 2014/10/20
I mean . . . Most of the Anons that were here a while ago tended toward proper capitalization. And . . . longer sentences . . . compared to the most recent comment. Sorry for clarifying, that does make me ruder, but I didn't mind.
Nona Reverse - 2014/10/20
tha stupid comment bro. Ur stpid. super long comments are th beeeeeest! anyone who disagree wit me is a *@* and cripple. .Happy))0) omg i laughin so hard i am crying c: cause I'm right and ur wrung Hehehe

ima neer disagreed wit you man lol

W. - 2014/10/20
Anon is the first four letter of anonymous. When someone post a comment in a forum without giving a name, he will usually be called guest or anon...
Hence the fact that there are probably several "anon" and they cannot complain about the stealing of a non name.

Also, a long comment is not always a sign of intelligence, and a short one of illiteracy.
Nona Reverse - 2014/10/20
I think Aldran being willing to tear his robe is interesting, given his obsession early in the comic with hiding. On an unrelated note, the last comment by Anon started in small-caps, was two words long, and I didn't get it. Am I missing a joke, or are there possibly different Anons with differing levels of literacy here?
Anon - 2014/10/20
strip Aldran?
Aslandus - 2014/10/19
Whoa, we've just learned that Aldran has at least one leg as well as feet! Slowly, he will reveal bits of his body until his entire form has been shown...
W. - 2014/10/19
thinking about it agian, it make sens. When near an entrance where he can be seen, aldran may hide his fairly recognisable wings. Althought he didnt while traveling a while ago.
Anon - 2014/10/18
I'm sure everything will be explained in a satisfying and well-thought-out manner, conducive to good storytelling. Yep. That's what'll happen.
Dyluthus - 2014/10/17
The issue with the compression and credits has been resolved! As for the references made in this issue as well as certain characters visual characteristics, everything that transpired in this comic transpired for a reason. Your questions here will be answered, you have my word Wink
Nona Reverse - 2014/10/17
Good strip! I really like W.'s idea, please put it in! Or not, if you have something better.

Anon . . . I think the wings were put in abruptly, if there was another intention behind it Dypen lost me. What is the "god trap," again? Also, Aldran is losing so many parts of his cloak. Didn't he once have sleeves? Maybe there eventually won't be enough of the cloak to hide his face?
Anon - 2014/10/17
Wow, wherever in the world did his wings come from?! That's totally not an obvious shove-in since the artist forgot he was supposed to have them in the last strip, and then chucked them in after being reminded by comments written by people who know the comic better than the writer. Subtle.

This page seems to be priming for main plot, which is good, but now you've jumped into it a little too fast. It's been like a year since anything actually happened, and I barely remember what these guys are actually planning to do, or what they're headed for.

Also why the hell did Aldran rip his cloak like that? That was incredibly stupid, and wasn't even a good visual representation of a cloaking spell. Unless the tear is going to be important for some reason later, you're a moron.
Mad Lemmey - 2014/10/17
Nicely thought out guys. Thank you. %uD83D%uDE0E
W. - 2014/10/17
I expect kaal to give better method but in a way to make it appears stupid. After all he is the illusionnist of the group.
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