Happy Halloween!

posted by A on 2014/10/31 (Comics)

For those that missed the halloween special, we'll be adding it to the extras soon. You can still see it at DisReality Gears (link below) .

In today's episode, we take another glimpse into what lies in the brain of Kaal, and Aldran engages in some doublespeak.

A little humor, crossing over the other comic Dypen is working on. Whats that? You didn't know we do another comic? WE DO! It's been a bit slow coming out, but we are nearly done with our first issue. go take a look www.disrealitygears.com

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JHSII - 2014/11/22
Love the Dr Who and Captain Crunch 8-)
Leaking Pen2 - 2014/11/20
Hey all, some small technical concerns are halting posting the new comic. We have a pair in for you as soon as it's resolved! Thanks for your patience.
Nona Reverse - 2014/11/11
atristain: Please don't solicit my wallet on the internet. If having his secret master plan gets uncomfortable, will not Aldran contact you himself? The first step in treating sufferers of any condition is letting them deal.
Please call 1-800-DNTCARE for information. If you care, you can contribute starting with 5GP.
atristain - 2014/11/10
People like Birdman and Aldran suffer from 'spontaneous wing disappearance'.

With your help, we can help characters suffering from this concondition.

You can contribute starting with 1GP. Please call 1-800-LSTWING for more information .

Helping is part of a 'good' alignment.
Tiri - 2014/11/8
So was Aldran intended to have his wings missing in strip 342 all along? Or was whatever reason there might be for their absence just hurriedly made up after someone pointed it out?
W. - 2014/11/5
On the other hand, it is the second time i use it in comment and you (Nona) understood it the first time. It is also frequent on the other forum I lurk in.

Think of the everlasting "dear [name](e)s" used by many people to adress both gender without using the neutral.
I am french and see and use it regularly. Maybe it is less frequent in annglosaxon cultured country because of less strike?

Sometime it is hard to tell when someone genuinely didnt understand or is just putting a coin to force increasing reaction (and spam the comment) . Anon believed i was doing that previously

So much for a bad pun.

About double speak, ain my understanding the word is about something quasi institutionnal, where society and convention provoque a nescessary multi level language.
In 1984, or, more recently, with political correctness or 'langue de bois' political speach.

For it to be the case here would mean the nescessity of hiding the wing is a consequence of the 4th wall and concervation of revelation.

Some think it is a way to conceal a mistake in the drawing, and my théory is that the speach is directed at turick, either to prepare a joke at his expense, or to hide some of Aldran capacity, because Aldran 's paranoia forbid him not to prepare a safeguard against even his friend.

Sorry for the wall
Leakingpen - 2014/11/5
nona, its a weird way of typing a pun. its supposed to mean that the word is both wind and wing at the same time. I.. dun exactly get it either. I mean, i get the pun, just not the notation.
Nona Reverse - 2014/11/4
Sorry, I meant W.
. . . !
Nona Reverse - 2014/11/4
Thanks, W!

But if it's slightly all right with you, may I please ask: What's a "At this point i think you perfectly understood the first time and are forcing me to explain the joke for fun." - ?
W. - 2014/11/4
@ Reverse
"win(d)g" means wing, but with another possible sens when the g is replaced by d.

At this point i think you perfectly understood the first time and are forcing me to explain the joke for fun.
Nona Reverse - 2014/11/4
May I ask: What's a "A win(d)g is a wing, but the sentence with wind instead is a reference." - ?
Nona Reverse - 2014/11/4
I think, unless Aldran's wings conceal by the same "you have to know it's there" trick that might hide the island (WMG), these are parts of a long joke. And not even one referencing D&D. Hurray. ISCtTWtLoanOIASN.
W. - 2014/11/4
is it because the antihéroes lied in some way to turrick, hidind the fact Aldran Can hide his wing in some way?

If so, the but of the joke is turrick, as everything said to kaal aim at him instead.

A win(d)g is a wing, but the sentence with wind instead is a reference.

I dont see the motive if it is it
Leakingpen - 2014/11/4
God, when we actually reveal the reason behind the wings and a few other things that are hinted at in this issue, you all are going to KILL US.
Tiri - 2014/11/4
As opposed to using half of this strip as a badly written cover-up. Which, in my opinion, it is.
Tiri - 2014/11/4
What's a 'win(d)g'? And yes, I do think it would have been better to say nothing about the whole missing wing incident. Which is why I said it would have been better to forget about it.
W. - 2014/11/4
Is this a reference to "the nude emperor" ?
Or will the promised explanation be extended on several ages?

Like Tiri, i think if there is not something more in the win(d)g, it would have been better just not to say anything instead of gthering attention to it.


Oh i got it. just understood. It could have been told better but the joke is quite sweet if i am not mistaken.

They key sentence being "yes, yes, you would"
Tiri - 2014/11/3
I think it would just have been better to forget about the whole missing wings in comic 342. Also, 'let's' has has an apostrophe between the 'let' and the 's', due to the fact that it is a contraction of 'let us'.
Mad Lemmey - 2014/11/3
and the second strip is even better! Wink
atristain - 2014/11/1
I really like Kal's Charlie Brown ghost costume!
Nona Reverse - 2014/10/31
Thank you, that was DisReality gears, right? . . . Kaal was a . . . dalmatian? And Kerris has that . . . orange thing . . . on her back . . . I abuse punctuation . . .
Leakingpen - 2014/10/31
It's a fake cigarette. Doc, the scientist with it in the DRG strip, is trying to quit smoking, and has an oral fixation, so he has a dummy cig he can put in his mouth.
Nona Reverse - 2014/10/31
Great strip! . . . Sorry, what is the blue thing both mages are holding?
Mad Lemmey - 2014/10/31
Nice one lads!
Very happy
W. - 2014/10/31
what is the blue thing both mage are holding?
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