She slices, she dices, she slashes and flash fries

posted by A on 2014/4/4 (Comics)

Leaking Pen here, a day late, and a dollar short! We will be trying to get two aH up next week (and two Disreality gears. For those who haven't noticed, we are now posting at Team Dypen's unique creation, a dieselpunk alternate world adventure. ) And so there were three.

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ralanr - 2014/4/21
I forget...what was the point of them going on this thing again? Why did these people go to this?
Iotas - 2014/4/12
Lots of overly dramatic angles and turning in this one.
Ertai - 2014/4/10
I have to agree with Eriadora on this one... I said it allready and I will say it one more time... this comic needs more fun, more story and less references... that is my opinion at least...
zweisteine - 2014/4/7
Eriadora, this is a "Werewolf Game," a popuar structured game format in the GiantITP forums.
This is basically how it works:
Some players (or it seems in this case, one player) are designated secretly as werewolves. They know who the other werewolves are. Everyone else is a villager, but they do not know what anyone else is.
In the game, there are nights and days. Each nights, the werewolves agree upon someone to kill. The next day, people talk, throw accusations, and vote on who to lynch as a werewolf. The game is over when every werewolf is dead, or when the werewolves outnumber the villagers (at which point a vilager dies every night, and the wolves vote to lynch another villager every day).

There are usually some special roles as well. The villagers usually have a seer who can, each night, determine the team of one player. They can then attempt to sway the vote. (Though if they say "that guys a werewolf, I know 'cuz I'm the seer," they will likely draw suspicion, and be killed to see if they were lying or not.)

For more information, look at GiantITP Werewolf Central.
Eriadora - 2014/4/7
I honestly don't get any of this arc at all. Whatever game this "Werewolf" is, it's not something that I ever saw played, and having no common frame of reference, it's completely lost my interest. Methinks you guys have delved too deeply into the mines of gamer culture, and lost the point of the comic.
Gicko - 2014/4/6
i missed bubear-form maid Very happy
OctopusGardener - 2014/4/5
I can't tell, was the vampire actually a werewolf or not? I don't think she said.
A loyal reader - 2014/4/5
Sh'yeah, gotta love the blue lightning of death! Also, I found pretty funny the tip-of-the-hat to Belkar's "kobold helmet", lol.

So... Turrick pretty much won, right? With a guy banned, she'll kill not-Turrick, then he'll find she's the werewolf. Or will we have another element of surprise? Or maybe the maid is the real villain here and she'll kill Turrick? OH, THE SUSPENSE! Worried
Anon - 2014/4/5
Nine hells, dumbass.
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