Missed 333 by THAT much

posted by A on 2014/4/13 (Comics)

And the big reveal! Our last cameo is in fact our first, The Succubus over at the Giant in the playground forums is in fact our mysterious clipboard wielding maniac.

Also, please everyone wish our illustrious illustrator Dyluthus a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Worm Anchorite - 2014/4/27
Hm. I think "Not a child" worked a bit better than "young" really. I mean, what is "young" to Turric? 59 years? Tongue
Nekra - 2014/4/26
Why the last Turick's sentence was changed? I have read something like "I just see breasts before, honey." .
The Succubus - 2014/4/26
Hello gorgeous people! Wink

Happy birthday to Dylthubus! One minor point - The purple bit on Elanna is just a cloth sash rather than a tail. Apparently full blown nudity is not permitted in an avatar for some reason!
Tuh - 2014/4/15
I like how he is all "exit stage right" in the first panel.

And here from 4/14, Happy Birthday dude.
anonymouse - 2014/4/14
Happy birthday, Dyluthus!

...uh, though it should be "its next to last victim", not "it's next to last victim"... I only nitpick because I care, y'know!
Mad Lemmey - 2014/4/14
Happy birthday!
Great strip, nice reveal. Oh, nice plot reveal too! Tongue
Gicko - 2014/4/14
The last cameo? Aw, i thought you said you had plans for my bugbear avatar Tongue
Atristain - 2014/4/14
I wonder if her concern is that the Succubus has her breasts uncovered and she is used to see females with fur over them.

Happy B-day Dyluthus.
Leakingpen - 2014/4/13
Yeah, I may rewrite the last panel. It was originally her blocking his eyes, and him saying, Im short, not a child, I have seen breasts before. It didnt really work with the stick style, and got altered last minute. hmm...
Night Templar - 2014/4/13
Okay, seriously... THAT'S her first concern? Decency? Not the whole "oh hey this whole time we've been helping a demon and now we know what it is oh and it also wants us dead" bit?

Happy birthday, Dyluthus!
Nonspecific Panda - 2014/4/13
Happy birthday Dyluthus! Keep up the good work.
A loyal reader - 2014/4/13
lol, so Turrick has seem breasts before? Very interesting backstory. Tongue

So, I was guessing our game master was some kind of demon in disguise (like all real life ones), but would never have guessed it was The Succubus!

Also, happy birthday, Dyluthus! Without you, team DyPen would only be team Pen, which wouldn't make sense at all. Sad
Drakilian - 2014/4/13
Oh, and happy birthday!
Drakilian - 2014/4/13
Goddammit, why didn't he do this in the first place when he had a bunch of vampires and such to help him?
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