You Wouldn't Like Her When Sh... What Do You Mean I've Already Used

posted by Chris on 2014/3/27 (Comics)

Good evening everyone, it's Dyluthus again and my oh my the finger pointing just wont't end this week will it?

Enjoy Happy

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Sonny - 2016/4/14
I think you hit a buelslye there fellas!
A loyal reader - 2014/3/31
@LeakingPen: Indeed, splitting things up was not a good idea flow-wise, but if you played this entire arc at once, there'd be no end to the whining from me's, anon's and whatnot, so rewriting it and maybe putting everything on the extra session would be a cool idea. Very happy

@Templar: Turrick did vote, he was the first one to vote for the kobold, it's on the previous strip. Wink
Night Templar - 2014/3/31
Wait... Turrick didn't vote. It's a tie right now. Before, she was sure to lose.
The Ancient One - 2014/3/30
Ooops... typo. Make that "now updates more often.."
The Ancient One - 2014/3/30
Well, it's official. Anti-Heroes not updates more often than GoblinsComic. Of course, rumor has it that the artist there had a mental breakdown. Oh, well, gotta take your victories where you can! WOOHOO! Nice strip! Wink
Leakingpen - 2014/3/28
Void, you are partly correct. It was a time filler, and a way to integrate several of the fans of the strip into it. Werewolf is a classic game, andone that was played a lot on the Giant In The Playground forums, so we have Turrik waylaid on his way to meet with Aldran in Lavakport. It IS a bit chaotic, and that is on purpose. I understand it can be hard to follow, but it IS almost over.

Loyal, glad you like it! I am happy with this page and the character dev in it in a way I havent liked most of the werewolf. We may go back and rewrite it as a complete arc, I think the splitting up did it a disservice. And yes, the last few lynchings get INSANE in big games.

Wolfgang, cupidon? Nope, if it comes down to just him and her, then that is an even number of werewolves and non wolves, game ends, wolves win. Of course, if one of the other players is also a werewolf, it may end sooner than that! (unless the kobold is a wolf)
wolfgang - 2014/3/28
terrick and the maid have kind of won now. (at the condition that the cupidon rule is valid in their game)
they were 5, they managed to take down the kobold, one of the two other will die this night and they will have majority for the last... and then have to find a way to stop the game
(or are the death special effect?)
A loyal reader - 2014/3/28
I'm loving this real life werewolf game, this is getting to be one of my favorite arcs of the entire comic. I can't believe there are people who's never played it and can't understand what's happening when it's so clear, lol. I'd advise those people to find a big group and play werewolf, so much fun to play with a group of 20 people and everyone getting mad at each other every time the werewolf is not killed, the last few lynchings usually get so tense, heh.

Also, I'd like to point out that both the art and the text seem to be flowing way better than before, so the comic is getting even more enjoyable! Keep up the good work, Team DyPen!
Void - 2014/3/28
I have completely lost this thread of the story. What is the point of all this? WHat is going on? I went back and read all the related strips and it made things seem more confusing and more pointless. As far as i can figure out this was a side story to take up time while you guys got the main story written but has now refused to end and has no connection to anything else.
Kecal - 2014/3/28
Woo! 2 comics in 1 week Very happy
Looking forward to more.
Mad Lemmey - 2014/3/28
Oh hecky-thump!
That's not going to end well! Wink
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