posted by Chris on 2014/2/27 (Comics)

Hey everyone, it's Dyluthus here, it's Thursday night and it's anti-HEROES time! Sit back and enjoy the latest instalment with Kaal & Keriss still in search of Lana, albeit with different levels of enthusiasm Happy

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WJS - 2016/10/16
Is that Turrick? I thought he was in werewolfsville?
jessequentin - 2014/3/5
Another explanation for "MEREOR"... Maybe she's still feeling the after-effects of the DreamJuice and she's slurring her words...
wolfgang - 2014/3/5
It is not an error from the author but a nickname from Keriss.

Whatever the spell is, maybe the spell seem like a meteor storm to her. And the gost and us understand why she said that, so why complain? .
Gicko - 2014/3/4
Anon calm down. people make mistakes, it happens. not a big deal.
Anon - 2014/3/4
It's good when you get that feeling that a quality webcomic based on a fandom caters to the approval of that fandom. You know, spell checking. Fact checking. That kind of thing. I don't have that feeling here.
Commenting Panda - 2014/3/1
I'm smelling a reference that we're missing with that panel.
Ertai - 2014/3/1
Well Keriss is just a ranger... her spellcraft is probably not that high...
Night Templar - 2014/3/1
Also, small note: The spell's named Meteor Swarm, not Meteor Storm.
Ramakidin - 2014/2/28
I have been waiting for this update. Wonder how this will turn out?
Sorator - 2014/2/28
I think you made a typo there... Mr. Mereor Storm?
Mad Lemmey - 2014/2/28
Nicely animated strip, good links and interesting way of linking things up! Very happy
Ertai - 2014/2/28
Well that weird magic belt is probably important Very happy
Kronos - 2014/2/28
Shouldn't that be "meTeor" in the third to last panel?

Also, what's the gnome doing here, isn't he playing Werewolf?
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