Burned in her memory

posted by A on 2014/2/13 (Comics)

And now that the DM knows her backstory, they are COMPLETELY in rights, especially with the whole, you know, vampire things, to institute a phobia of fire. Amiright? You should know better than to let the DM give you backstory!

Ahem, anyways, Pen here, presenting this weeks anti-HEROES. Enjoy!

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squindiggly - 2014/2/26
quick question: Did anyone win the prophecy competition? Nobody has been commenting on it for a while, so is it over?
Temmer - 2014/2/24
I think it might be better with a dash than ellipses. Ellipses tend to indicate trailing off, while dashes indicate an abrupt stop, as one would use if correcting themself.
Commenting Panda - 2014/2/24
Thus why I said it was clunky. It is not bad, just a little awkward. Still, I did like this strip, and I am looking forward to future ones.
Avetzan1 - 2014/2/24
I read it through normally first time, but with only text and images it can be hard to get a particular tone on the voice of a character.
Night Templar - 2014/2/23
Leakingpen: It seemed clear to me, but if others find it confusing, you may want to use an ellipses instead of a comma before she corrects herself, so it would be:

"I lost... Thought I lost... Everything that night."

It's a bit more obvious, although it does make the dialogue feel like it's going a bit slower.
Leakingpen2 - 2014/2/14
Commenting panda, it does seem a little clunky, but the intention is that she's correcting herself. Maybe some different spacing or bolding... I'll see what I can do, thanks.
Commenting Panda - 2014/2/14
My only comment on this strip is that, on the panel where she talks about how she thought she lost everything, the "I lost thought I lost everything that night" is clunky. More along the lines of "I...I thought I lost everything" would be less awkward. Otherwise, I thought this strip was fine.
Mad Lemmey - 2014/2/14
It made sense to me, whilte/wight homophone pun! Tongue
Good strip lads, well done.
Ertai - 2014/2/14
Well... in my opinion there are too many references and not enough things, that are funny on their own... (sorry if that makes little sence but my english is far from perfect). I miss Aldraan beeing funny, Kaal being stupid, D&D jokes and references and some jokes, that would be funny on their own, not just reference after reference
The Leaking Pen - 2014/2/14
Ertai, well, the references have always been generally pop culture when in, if theres a particular refference you'd like to see let me or dyluth know, we can certainly try to work it in. As for the jumping, I'm trying to make full scenes before doing so, but people ahve complained when we've gone to long at a stretch with any one storyline. We'll be wrapping them up soon though!
Ertai - 2014/2/14
Though I do like Llana's background I am getting worry about this comic. Since you guys took over it is much less for non-native english speakers... or more like non english pop culture watchers? Please, do something about it, because for people like me this comic is no longer funny. I barely understand some of your references and I don't even notice some others, because they don't mean a thing to me. Plus we are following 3 different story lines (Heroes, anti-heroes and prophet) and we are jumping around them like Jazz Jackrabbit on pogostick... plase, I love this comic, I still do, but I don't want to loose interest in it... I don't want to discourage you, because I really do appritiate all your hard work, I am just worried
Leakingpen2 - 2014/2/14
Thank you. also, yes, Kovalic did it ages ago, but i've heard the joke made before and since.
Me - 2014/2/13
LOL The 'wight trash' was pretty funny!

Also, first!
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