I'm Sure It's Nothing

posted by A on 2012/9/21 (Comics)

Happy Friday morning to you all! I apologize for the late posting, but hey, anti-HEROES to kick start your weekend, am I right?

We here at anti-HEROES would like to spend a moment to wish a speedy recover to Rich Burlew. Should anyone here actually NOT know who he is, he is the author and artist of Order of the Stick. He damaged his hand considerably last week, and is out of commission. Drop by GiantITP.com and buy something, if you have the ability! The delay is going to hurt him, we're sure.
The use of his logo on the rock was planned out a month ago, so the timing of us talking about him, and the GITP logo being used, is coincidental.


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WJS - 2016/10/12
Ah, so we've jumped back a bit here, then. This is before the bit with the "Heroes" in the cut off town.

angelina - 2012/12/29
Welp, just read the author comments and now know exactly what's happening with the feet. And that's why you always leave a note.

angelina - 2012/12/29
Wait, feet? What--the--feet--what?

angelina - 2012/12/29
Is it just me, or are some of Laris' fans just a liiiittle rabid?

Har - 2012/10/22
Richard III only has one matinee on Sunday, July 17th. The Directors mulualty decided that they would rather have more nighttime performances of Richard and more daytime performances of As You Like It.

Mad Lemmey - 2012/9/25
I'm sure I would have put on 'foreshadowing' when he said 'Wait!' Wink
Nicely drawn comic chaps, I, for one, am digging the sense of mystery you are developing here, and cannot wait to see where it leads.... Very happy

zero - 2012/9/25
this story is quickly becoming very confusing and disjoined

Night Templar - 2012/9/24
Alright, I guess I can believe that. Sorry about the mixup.

Me - 2012/9/24
Night Templar, that Me is just a troll who copied the username I use when writing comments. I don't get why he did that, I guess he's got something against me, thought I don't know why.

Night Templar - 2012/9/23
Me (the commenter, not myself): Okay, this is to the point where I honestly can't tell if you're parodying trolling or just trolling and being incredibly uncreative about it. That's kind of sad.

Also, dimensional boundary? This is getting confusing here.

Me - 2012/9/22
This comic SUCKS

Exuberant Panda - 2012/9/22
Blue clad blonde? Psychotic fan, another former vampire, maybe former thrall of a vampire or follower of Laris (leadership feat? probably would have shown up earlier)...Truthfully, I'm more curious as to what Turrick is doing or where he is going.

leaking pen - 2012/9/22
Actually, as I said in the comment, the shout out to the GiantITP logo is actually part of the story! The time with Mr. Burlew being hurt is coincidental. We HAVE offered him some guest comics, but I don't think he's the kind to take stand ins for actual story.

No comments on what the blue clad blonde is saying, hunh?

Aragorn1398 - 2012/9/22
Nice reference Very happy

VoId - 2012/9/21
The art style is pretty close. I'm sure that if Rich were 'writing' and proofing everything most people would barely notice the substitution.

stone_rhino - 2012/9/21
Hmmm...are you giving well wishes to The Giant of OoTS, or is this a hint that you may be filling in?

TheOrigamiGuy - 2012/9/21
Giacomo! King of Jesters and Jester of Kings!

Anon - 2012/9/21
This seems rather worrisome...

recentlyafish - 2012/9/21
I never have known that was a rock if I hadn't read your comments

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