Exit, Stage Left, Even!

posted by A on 2012/9/11 (Comics)

Hey all, thanks for waiting! On to our next adventure!

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WJS - 2016/10/12
“Isn't that the chick from Lavakport? Or page 254?”
I do believe it is. That's more than a little suspicious. Wasn't that town they were in sequestered?
Hastur - 2013/3/2
Isn't that the chick from Lavakport? Or page 254?
Unvoiced Apollo - 2012/9/17
I believe that's stage right.
Wolf Dancer - 2012/9/14
hehe, I wonder if he was aiming for roleplaying points?
Night Templar - 2012/9/13
I wonder where he got fake blood from. I doubt the cafe would have any ketchup. Or is it real blood?
Mad Lemmey - 2012/9/13
Love it, how much trouble can you get into with 'Always wanted to do that!'
DarthFluffykins - 2012/9/12
Spitting the party is always unwise.
Tatsu - 2012/9/12
Yay Comic
Dullahan - 2012/9/12
That was... unexpected. I really like him.
By the way: Shouldn't it be "Splitting" the party, instead of "spitting" it?
Aragorn1398 - 2012/9/12
Made me laugh XD Nice work guys!
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