The Monster Withing, Without

posted by Chris on 2012/7/19 (Comics)

Here we are on another Thursday, and that means another new anti-HEROES! This instalment even features a new original poem by our favourite Goblin scribe, Bleuse.


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angelina - 2012/12/29
Jereko - 2012/7/26
The meter is definitely off, but I actually figured that was intentional. I'm too lazy to actually pick out specific places, and I thought it was very well done regardless.
Edd - 2012/7/23
Wild applause
sulthan - 2012/7/23
Okey - now I am stopping watching this site. I was waiting several months for the story to continue. And now we finally have new episodes but the story doesn't continue. And it's not even funny. Are you out of ideas?
Locnil - 2012/7/23
Don't take offense, guys, but yeah, this poem was a little off for me, too. Though that could just be the fact I've only read it.
hariman - 2012/7/23
Ironically, the reason I chose "Hariman" as my screen name is because it's the old germanic root word for my first name.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/7/22
Just one critique from me this time. This may have been intentional as the goblin does say that he didn't think this was very good, but I just wanted to point out that there are a few rhymes that are distinctly...unsatisfying. "Raised" and "razed" in particular stand out to me because they're homophones. "Unrivaled" and "unraveled" are also a little weird because the different part is in the middle rather than the beginning of each respective word.

That said, I liked this strip. I'm not a fan of poetry as a medium, but I really liked the message behind the words; you guys did a good job. One detail I liked was that the characters didn't all react the same way, and everybody seemed to react in-character. They're all a little somber, but not on the same level; I wouldn't expect Andil to be quite as sympathetic, for example, and he didn't seem to be.

leaking pen - 2012/7/21
Koboldian, the ahem is bleuse doing a fake throat clearing, to try and continue.

Hariman, as a Heinlein enthusiast, and founder of the Hariman Foundation irl, Love the name!

Thank you everyone for the kind words! If you are a poetry enthusiast, the Giant In the Playground Forums is just starting the next round of its ongoing, Iron Poet contest, a single elimination poetry tournament. Please, go watch!
Jimbo - 2012/7/20
This sad tale was well told. This comic is getting better every week.
Koboldian - 2012/7/20
What has Lars so spazed... did the mage walk in on them?
hariman - 2012/7/20
Oh wow. That's an excellent poem. I see now that the mission the party needs to do is freeing the goblins from their new master. Give Bleuse my compliments on a job well done!
Mad Lemmey - 2012/7/20
So sad. :'(
That is a tale and a half, much better way of setting a scene and back story too, makes characters think about exposition too!
Tatsu - 2012/7/20
Well... that's really quite sad.
Ananymous Poetry Enthusiast - 2012/7/20
That's so sad...
Aesop - 2012/7/20
leaking pen - 2012/7/20
Require: Cookie
Dullahan - 2012/7/20
No. Cookies for the Goblin chief. He needs them.
Ertai - 2012/7/20
So? You wanna cookie?
Me - 2012/7/19
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