It Was a Sap-py Affair

posted by Chris on 2012/2/7 (Comics)

Hello everyone! It's your humble artist Dyluthus here bringing you the next installment in our heroes treacherous trek through the seemingly cursed woods. Enjoy the unfolding plot twists and turnsHappy

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Den - 2012/2/20
R - 2012/2/11
Good one last joke.. but why isnt split into 2... ? there is where to get that room (8-9 could be simple one) ... Realy Laris face ruind that. He cant look like that at the same time he said his line.. dont messup with time in comic and you will do great Happy this one was great improve Happy thanks
Leakingpen - 2012/2/8
Gnomeking, I have an urge to do just that, make a running gag that he dated someone everyone he goes, and later have a gag where andil says, wait, you DON'T know some random chick here? Really? Heh. Of course, now that I've said it here, I can't use the joke. Or can I?
Gnomeking - 2012/2/7
I got a chuckle out of that.It figures that Laris would, in any given place, have a pre-existing relationship with at least one of the locals. Typical bard Wink
Tatsu - 2012/2/7
Yay Comic!
Leakingpen - 2012/2/7
Question asker, yeah, It was hard to make that clear, but you caught exactly what happened! Hence Laris going oops, he realized he dispelled a buff.
Draco Bahamut - 2012/2/7
Now i want to know why they canĀ“t leave town more then the main plot.
The guy who asks questions - 2012/2/7
In panel 3, remove fear is dispelled and in panel 4, Hilmor runs off and gets caught by the spell "hold dwarf"? That was just a little unclear. Thanks
Ertai - 2012/2/7
What's with the glowy eyes? Are they like fremenes? But I like this update. But I'm just curious, will Finx reappear soon? Happy
Mad Lemmey - 2012/2/7
Ohhh... he's pulled!
Another cool update, more of the back story comes through! Happy

Woot! First post!
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