Amulet Du Fromage

posted by Chris on 2012/2/21 (Comics)

Hello again! It's your illustrator Dyluth here to say first off sorry for the slight delay in getting the next issue to you and second to bring said issue to youHappy

Enjoy the ever advancing and darkening plot!

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Leakingpen - 2012/2/28
xykeb, and when we first took over, people complained about too much going on in panels... ahh well, can't please everyone all the time, right? And I agree with the differeing panel sizes, and we will be using that more, its just a tool in the box, not to be overused, you know? We're trying to not be too slow paced, but also not info dump-y. Thanks for the feedback! It definitely helps us in that balancing act.
Dyluthus - 2012/2/28
Well everyone I just want to let you know that in regards to the comments critiquing layout and such I DO hear what your saying and I will be making a real effort to address just this in the coming issues.

There are a couple of issues coming down the pipeline that I hope will resolve any of the points that have been brought upHappy
Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/2/26
On the subject of layout, I feel like more dynamic panel sizes would make the comic more interesting. Before Dypen's time, I felt like a lot more happened in each individual panel, which made it easier to digest, and I don't necessarily have a problem with less dialogue, but it makes this static 3x4 layout seem clunky and awkwardly paced when not a whole lot happens in each individual panel. Just a thought.
PrometheusMFD - 2012/2/25
It is a bit confusing, and speech bubbles should generally be at the top of the panel, ordered from left to right THEN from top to bottom
Red XIV - 2012/2/24
When there's multiple speech bubbles in a panel, read them left to right.

Except in that one panel where it's top to bottom, but I think that one was obvious.
Critique!User - 2012/2/23
What's with the word bubbles in this page? when multiple people are talking for multiple bubbles, it's difficult to discern what order each chunk of dialogue takes place.
Jon - 2012/2/22
Poor Shauna Sad
Mad Lemmey - 2012/2/22
Another good comic lads, the plot thickens...
Leakingpen - 2012/2/22
the pun is on amulet vs omelette, the whole situation is cheesy. also, its a dexter's laboratory joke. (Thanks addiz, i'm glad someone gets it. Sigh...)
Tatsu - 2012/2/22
Yay Comic!
Hmm I suppose I missed the pun as well...
Addiz - 2012/2/22
The pun is not about the cheese...
For those not gettting the pun, look up 'omelette du fromage'.
Talkamancer - 2012/2/22
Nope, missing the cheese pun here. Someone fill me in.
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