Charlie's Angelic Elves

posted by Chris on 2011/12/18 (Comics)

Hello friends and readers! It's Dyluthus here with our latest issue. Many apologies for the delay in new issues as of late, that's just how the Holiday season is eh?Happy

In any case, sit back and enjoy the introduction of our newest NPC's... Charlie the Halfling and his angelic Elves.

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Ranjis - 2014/3/12
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Leakingpen - 2012/1/17
Hey all, the delay has been entirely my fault. Home life got crazy, sick kids, work threw extra projects at me, and I had to sleep now and then. But I have a script out, Dyluth has done the comic, there's just one fix and it should be up by end of day.

As far as odd phrasing, Charlie speaks oddly. His phrasing DOES indicate ownership, though he's not the owner. That's just how Charlie is. And yes, he was pointing off panel to his "angels".
RiderOfPhoenix - 2012/1/17
Tick tock, it's almost a month (and the week is over too).

I'm sure that just for saying that we'll get an update today to make me shut up. But hey, if it works...
Seros Senric - 2012/1/12
I think the delay's fine, it's nothing compared to the delays this comic has already experienced.
Dyluthus - 2012/1/10
Hey everyone! It's Dyluthus your humble artist here. I just want to apologize for the massive delay in getting new issues out, we've all hit some post-holiday crunches with work and family but fear not! We are hard at work at getting new comics out within a week from now.

Sorry for the delay again but many thanks to everyone for their continued interest. On behalf of everyone at anti-HEROES we hope your 2012 has gotten off to an awesome start.

Stay tunedHappy
Prowl - 2012/1/9
Time to remove apparently-abandoned comic from my bookmarks... sad, this comic started out so well, I was really looking forward to have another mini-OotS to read. I'll check back in a few years if I remember.

Ancient One - 2012/1/6
Well, Xmas is over. Wondering when the next update will arrive. Hoping to return to the other team soon. Happy
Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/1/6
That I...can't answer you.
Me - 2012/1/6
I thought so too, but...
A: What is so funny/significant about this that it would be the punchline?
B: Why does everyone look upset when they agree to look for the missing comrades?
Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/1/5

I'm pretty sure Charlie was pointing at the elves off-camera to the left, and the characters are agreeing to keep an eye out for his missing comrades.

I do agree, though, that the comic is somewhat unclear about this, and that the phrasing can be awkward at times. It's not to the point where I've given up on the comic (obviously, as I'm still around), but I do enjoy it noticeably less nowadays.
Me - 2012/1/5
What is up with %u2019 being substituted for an apostrophe?
Me - 2012/1/5
Is English a second language for the writers or something? I'm confused as hell at what the characters are trying to say. This simply adds to the unfunnyness of this sad comic.

CONFUSING: "Fine, whatever. We have the room" makes it seem like Mini Mohawk is the owner of the inn.
PROPER: "Fine, whatever; there's enough room for all of us." Actually makes sense.

CONFUSING: "Sure, what did they look like?"
"Like them? (while pointing at Bard Guy)
Then everyone gives some kind of affirmative.
Not sure what would be proper here because I have no idea what the author is trying to convey. If Mini Mohawk is pointing at Bard Guy, wouldn't he say "Like you"? You know, singular instead of plural? If he meant the whole group, wouldn't he have recognized them when they walked in and said something then? Why does everyone else say "Yeah, Sure, Aye" at this?

All disgust I have for this once enjoyable webcomic aside, what are they trying to say?
zach - 2012/1/4
what is with updates? this was last month!
Prowl - 2012/1/4
So what's the deal? Comic abandoned again?
Crazed - 2012/1/3
“You know, I've never been able to view this comic on my phone. It's weird because order of the stick is perfectly fine. It's quite grainy which makes it nearly impossible to read the text. This is the only comic I can't read from my cell D:”

What phone are you using, Jon? It looks fine on my iPhone.
Rudyards - 2012/1/3
@Seros: Fair enough. I use the term rather loosely.
Seros Senric - 2012/1/2
This comic isn't on haitus until it's missed over a month's worth of updates.
Rudyards - 2012/1/2
Why does every webcomic I start reading go on hiatus?
Jon - 2012/1/1
You know, I've never been able to view this comic on my phone. It's weird because order of the stick is perfectly fine. It's quite grainy which makes it nearly impossible to read the text. This is the only comic I can't read from my cell D:
PJ Scrugs - 2011/12/21
Sorry, I tried to do this.
That's the last time I use keyboard short cuts.
PJ Scrugs - 2011/12/21
New Comic!
referee - 2011/12/20
So, are they the original angels, or the movie ones?
UnPC - 2011/12/20
Awww. I was hoping for a Jesus joke...
Well, maybe next year.
Crazed - 2011/12/19
“omg when i typed in antiheros in google the frist thing that came up was a gay porn comic that is freeky.”

They used to be ahead of us on Google. We've since overtaken them. Tongue
Chameon - 2011/12/19
And to my personal disappointed, it is not a reference to Don Quixote. Eh well, still a good comic.
reader - 2011/12/19
omg when i typed in antiheros in google the frist thing that came up was a gay porn comic that is freeky.
Mad Lemmey - 2011/12/18
Nice one lads! Great twist, didn't see that coming at all. Keep it up!
Medinoc - 2011/12/18
Wow, certainly didn't expect that. Great!
Gnomeking - 2011/12/18
That was pretty fun. Twisted the story away from where I thought it was going to go (some kind of border-line offensive Jesus joke) and straight into an absurd Charlie's Angels joke. Well played... well played.
Den - 2011/12/18
Yey! A new one!
Paeris Kiran - 2011/12/18
Very happy Funny Very happy

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