I didn't SEE any new stars...

posted by A on 2011/12/2 (Comics)

Hey all, the lack of updates is ENTIRELY my fault. Work and family ate me alive this month, preventing me from getting scripts to Dyluth, who sat with time on his hands, and no AH to fill it. I am terribly sorry, December will be better. The first title of this comic was to be, "Hey, not till Turkey Day!" as it was to be posted before Thanksgiving. Also, Mass kudos to Reader, who totally saw the joke coming. But, not the next joke, I hope!

Enjoy all, and thanks for reading!

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Crazed - 2011/12/14
“Just FYI guys. I think the RSS feed is broken. The last one I received in my RSS reader was #242. I only saw that there were two more, because I came to the website to see what was the hold up on strips. I hope you guys can get it fixed soon. Thanks!”

Hi Jeni,

I'm not sure why your RSS feed isn't updating, since I use it as well and I saw there were new comics. Perhaps you could adjust the cache timeout on your RSS reader? If that doesn't work, please contact me through the Contact page on this site.
Leakingpen - 2011/12/13
All delay has been 100 percent my fault as writer! A new script is to Dyluth, so hopefully we can move on quickly. Also, to the trolls, thank you! Being heavily trolled is a sign of success. But you will be baleeted if not edited and mocked. Don't make us move to registered users only!
Jeni - 2011/12/12
Just FYI guys. I think the RSS feed is broken. The last one I received in my RSS reader was #242. I only saw that there were two more, because I came to the website to see what was the hold up on strips. I hope you guys can get it fixed soon. Thanks!
Reader - 2011/12/8
Aw, shucks, it wasn't that hard. Anyone could have done it.

And now that I think about it, perhaps this was not the best turn of phrase, either. Even if it may be true.
Antifinity - 2011/12/8
A fine comic to move this little side story along. Still looking forward to the return of the main plot.
Castamir - 2011/12/6
I know some religious folks are upset (drawings of Muhammad anyone?), but the elf Jesus thing is beyond merely awesome.
Moogle - 2011/12/5
I dunno if I like where this comic is going anymore. The jokes just aren't making me laugh like they used to (I did an archive binge from 1-100 and laughed for an hour or two), and the writing seems... I don't know, something about the grammar seems off, like the writer's native language isn't English.

So far, pretty much everything has been filler. Perhaps that's why I don't like where everything is going, but I just... I don't know, the comic seems rather boring at this point in time. I feel bad for saying it. I don't know what else to say.
Leakingpen - 2011/12/5
This is NOT from Zara's notes, no. He is busy putting the story together for us to continue on, and asked us to do a filler arc. He gave some instruction, but the plot is mine. Nothing major, just some fluff. I'm sorry if people aren't enjoying it, I will definitely take constructive criticism to heart. Also, there WILL be action soon, it took longer setting up than I thought it would. My apologies. If you want, friend us on facebook or subscribe to the RSS feed, and the comic that goes back to the regular story will be obvious in title that it is back to the regular story, so you can ignore this plotline if you so desire.
Ertai - 2011/12/5
Yeah... I as trying to say EXACTLY what "Ancient One" said... my english is just not as good...
T.Chicken - 2011/12/4
OMG, they have Elf jesus (or elf Brian)
Gnomeking - 2011/12/4
For whatever it counts for, I think people need to lighten up a little bit. The comics fine, and I for one am still interested in seeing where the story is going to go. In terms of actual comics, we haven't been with the Heroes for all that long now; it just seems like longer because the comics have been updating infrequently (but still a lot more frequently then when the old author was around). Sit tight and give the authors a chance to play this out for a bit.
Tryffin - 2011/12/4
Umm Panel 5 Head bump went missing.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/12/3
Honestly, I don't personally feel like you've really done anything "wrong" thus far, but I feel like you've just neglected to breathe life into the comic. I feel like every comic is just leading up to a punchline, and I think this is because I no longer feel intrigue about where the plot is going. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's not you're fault; it might just be that the long breaks we've had in the past have numbed me to this comic. But whatever it is, something's wrong with the way I've been experiencing this comic, and it's a shame because I quite liked it in the past.

Anyway, just my two cents.
Crazed - 2011/12/3
I'm pretty sure this is a filler arc, everyone. In other words, this is a break from the normal plot. Why else would we be following the Heroes? Wink
Siosilvar - 2011/12/3
I'm with Ancient One. Where'd the story go?
Ancient One - 2011/12/3
Erm. Not sure where this is going. Was this actually in Jordan's original notes? And I don't wish to be critical, but the gags are becoming a bit distracting to the actual storyline. I suggest the writing needs to be a bit tighter. Maybe try to write a lot further ahead of time at least in regards to the story fundamentals. The dialog will come if the story is good. The gags should just be spice not the meat and potatoes. Maybe that is what is upsetting some of the fans. Cheers!
Someone - 2011/12/3
Why don't I just stop. Seriously. It was stupid while it lasted, but what I've done with trolling Antiheroes since Zara began his work is just sad. Stop this torture and just end me.

(Edit from Leakingpen. Again, trolls will be edited and mocked. Obvious troll, making 3 anon comments using similar in style spelling and usernames, within 5 minutes of each other, is obvious single troll trying to be multiple people. Give it a rest. )
Aines - 2011/12/2
Lenwë Meneldur's birth? Why not, just carry on.

(BTW is the baby gonna kick the ass of Aldran, Eldhin or both?)
Mad Lemmey - 2011/12/2
Great strip again, should have saved that until the 25th!
Chameon - 2011/12/2
Is....Is that a reference to Don Quixote?
commentator - 2011/12/2
great cominc, I like the blue-haired horse.
Ertai - 2011/12/2
Damn you heroes! You just steal time that belong to anti heroes! Let that elfs blast them with some powerfull mega magic and move on to Aldran.

But now, seriously. The rate of eastereggs and those kind of stuff is just to great. Its starting to get a little anoying. But don't get discouraged! You are doing great work!
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