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Communism isn't the Only Red Herring

posted by A on 2011/10/31 (Comics)

Welcome to the Hook and Hammer Inn. We shall see many things in these halls, and come back to them down the line. But what is really important, and what is merely a site gag? Time will tell.

Please! New month tomorrow, help vote for us at http://www.topwebcomics.com/vote/7767/default.aspx starting the First.

Also, we appear to have a tv tropes page! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomic/Anti-Heroes?from=Webcomic.AntiHeroes Whoever started that up, you are a god among webdwellers. The rest of you Tropers, GO! Add linkage, as I know we hit a lot more Tropes than that!

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