Communism isn't the Only Red Herring

posted by A on 2011/10/31 (Comics)

Welcome to the Hook and Hammer Inn. We shall see many things in these halls, and come back to them down the line. But what is really important, and what is merely a site gag? Time will tell.

Please! New month tomorrow, help vote for us at starting the First.

Also, we appear to have a tv tropes page! Whoever started that up, you are a god among webdwellers. The rest of you Tropers, GO! Add linkage, as I know we hit a lot more Tropes than that!

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fcnan - 2012/2/24
Good comic, just started reading and now I've caught up. And now I'm going home to sleep with my wife.
DJ - 2011/11/10
I mean, one of them even has a LEAKING PEN.
DJ - 2011/11/10
It's obvious from Dyluthus' comment that the two guys at the table in Panel One are Leaking Pen and Dyluthus.
Viashivon - 2011/11/9
Edit that. Finx!
Viashivon - 2011/11/9
You mean Fink's sidekick Dave? Yeah, the outfit is the same but the hair is different...but then again if Fink is involved who knows.
Dyluthus - 2011/11/8
@Name & Patron Very interesting observations there, we'll have to see what becomes of these characters in the strips ahead.

Speaking of which, the next strip is being proofed as we speak everyoneHappy
Leakingpen - 2011/11/8
May I suggest you all read the title again? Bwahahahaaha.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/11/7
Fair enough. I guess we'll see.
debator - 2011/11/6
but he has the same clothes as the first mate did
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/11/5
There are a lot of hairstyles in this comic that are simply reused. The fact that the first mate and this guy have the same hairstyle doesn't really mean anything, and the fact that it's a totally different color is a pretty clear to sign to me that they're different. There's not even a really clear indication that he'll be important or even get named, either.
i can't think of a name - 2011/11/5
Doesn't the first mate from the first story arc have black hair?
DukeGod - 2011/11/4
@referee, don't fall for that! It's a distraction.
The guys sitting on the table in the first panel are the artists of the comic!!
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/11/4

You're right, he does look familiar. I believe him to be the first mate of the flying ship from the first story arc. The fact that he is the only patron in the panel where Laris delivers his ultimatum makes me think that he will possibly join with the (heroes? party? Ardenwood's Roving Band of Luckless Fools?) adventurers, at least for this current plotline, and help them slay the vampire that runs this town. Oops, there goes my other prediction. :n)
i can't think of a name - 2011/11/1
Is it just me or does the blond in the 5th and 7th panels look familiar?
Dyluthus - 2011/11/1
The typo in panel two has been fixed, and personally I think the two gents sitting at that table in panel one are couple of handsome looking fellowsHappy
referee - 2011/11/1
And the front figures in the opening panel look like Belkar and The Giant himself.
TraderInTown - 2011/11/1
Typo in panel two: "Is the innkeep in?"

I'll forgive it. This time.
RiderOfPhoenix - 2011/11/1
Didn't you know that you had a TVTropes? It's been since long time ago. How do you think I discovered the comic in the first place?

Anyway, my bets are on the hooded guy from the first panel. Don't be too harsh when I fail miserably Happy
Ancient One - 2011/11/1
Hehe! Is it just me, or does that old guy with the white beard resemble Elan's Banjo puppet? Coincidence, but definitely cute! (I agree. They'll be back.)
Ertai - 2011/11/1
Well... poor souls... why do I have this feeling that they are going to be beaten senceless? (Sooner or later). But now I am more curious about our true heroes, the anti-heroes. With Aldran defeated for the first time in comic it could get pretty Interesting... (although I must admit I was hoping that he can be at least a challenge to... that Psionic guy...)
Anyway, great job!
Red XIV - 2011/10/31
Why do I suspect this won't work out the way Laris intends?
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