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Insert Batman Joke Here

posted by Jordan on 2009/5/30 (Comics)

So we solved the mystery of one pair of ominous, glowing eyes only to have it replaced by another. I need new ideas, man.

Actually, that's the problem I faced with these back story issues. I wanted to make sure you guys knew the general situation, but not reveal too many appearances, Arderas being one of the most important ones. But I didn't really see any way around it, so there's a bit of a tease. It's the same reason I thought these comics wouldn't be fun to read, but I'm thinking I lied to you guys about that. I've written serious dialogue before, but I always manage to squeeze in some jokes that come to me as I make it. Anyway, I'll shut up and let you enjoy the comic over the weekend.

...Since that's probably how long it'll take you to read it.

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