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posted by Jordan on 2009/5/30 (Comics)

So we solved the mystery of one pair of ominous, glowing eyes only to have it replaced by another. I need new ideas, man.

Actually, that's the problem I faced with these back story issues. I wanted to make sure you guys knew the general situation, but not reveal too many appearances, Arderas being one of the most important ones. But I didn't really see any way around it, so there's a bit of a tease. It's the same reason I thought these comics wouldn't be fun to read, but I'm thinking I lied to you guys about that. I've written serious dialogue before, but I always manage to squeeze in some jokes that come to me as I make it. Anyway, I'll shut up and let you enjoy the comic over the weekend.

...Since that's probably how long it'll take you to read it.

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Bruna - 2015/10/9
I did something wrong and the cemmont I wrote went *POOF* into the ether somewhere.So, instead you get a short cemmont.I LOVE the title of this episode! It makes me giggle. Everything I see one of those horses in game, I'm gonna think TwilightSparkleSpacePony! lolAnd I'm lovin' the Azeroth Less Traveled segment. Looking forward to hearing more of those.Congrats to the winners of the big contest!

dutchguy - 2015/2/14
There are worse names for evil organizations than IDIOTS, take LOVEMUFFIN ( League Of Villainous Evildoers Maniacally United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness) for example

Haarkla - 2009/6/8
What I dont get is when Turrick says "Everyone saw them as evil, and they would never be accepted in any socity they could find".

Evil people seem to have no problem fitting in our society. Greedy bankers, corrupt politicians, thugs, depraved pornographers, unscroupulous arms dealers, unprincipled buisinessmen and the like.

Malygos - 2009/6/7
Finally... OOTS and LFG are a bit slow withat Jordan filling the gapsHappy

Taker - 2009/6/6
Looks like everything transferred smoothly. Sweetness.

Ganurath - 2009/6/6
Chaos Marine says: We're back, and better than ever!

krestof - 2009/5/31
Holy plot twist, Batman!

draconicgodking - 2009/5/31
good strip I like how the supposed good guy is really evil and jordan, are you a fan of doctor who?

multilis - 2009/5/31
If you flip to another page then back, the colors shift a bit for first few seconds so you can see outline of person rather than just blue eyes.

Malygos - 2009/5/31
I have an idea abot all that "good and evil stuff" pehaps the world itself has a bit different opinion that ours... There is no way to gage culture Happy

Zend - 2009/5/30
"That's it, he's a Predator!"

No. He's obviously a T-X. Wink

Actually, his supposed backstory (half-god thing) is rather similar to Anubis from Stargate SG-1.

Bookkeeper - 2009/5/30
Interesting ... so Big Blue went from a seat on the Evil Overlords' Council to having his own order of paladins? This is gonna be interesting!

Lerky - 2009/5/30
HOLY COW! It's that big blue thing in strip #142, isn't it? This is getting intense! By far one of the best fan comics eva!

Sequinox - 2009/5/30
Plot twist. Duhn duhn duhn!

(Founder of the Zurie and Laris Fanclubs)

Keybounce - 2009/5/30
Incredible, Daring, Invincible Overlords of Time and Stuff.

I have to use that the next time I run Champions!. Gotta make that a villian group.

Doopliss - 2009/5/30
Between this and the last few comics, it seems like this setting plays fast and loose with the alignment rules.

dragongirl13 - 2009/5/30

Nice... that's certainly unexpected... always good for a story to have some good twists in the plot...

So, this opens up a new plethora of questions... who IS this Arderas guy? What does he want? Is he evil, or just really questionable? And most importantly... WHAT DOES HE LOOK LIKE? (because this comic has a whole stinking lot of people who you don't know what they look like.)

Tsaroth - 2009/5/30
Glowing blue eyes, the hint of dreads...

That's it, he's a Predator!

Blakjak - 2009/5/30
Now that is a revelation, keep up the good work man.

Ben Harrison - 2009/5/30
I've enjoyed/am enjoying the backstory comics; the action/comedy parts are only fun if they're set against some sense of depth or history to it all. If they seem dull at all, I think it's probably the characters' location (personally I'd have had this dialogue take place atop a ruined moonlit tower or something).

Either way, the last panel is very dramatic!

Silvo - 2009/5/30
Am I the only one who is struggling to follow this?

Also, *yawn*, this backstory-business is fairly dull. Can't wait for something interesting to happen...

Kareasint - 2009/5/30
Well, I wonder if Eldhin knows about this. He certainly would not believe Aldran if he told Eldhin about this.

magic9mushroom - 2009/5/30
Interesting. So Arderas is indeed not a paragon of light and goodness...

Malygos - 2009/5/30
Well "Evil" scheme is overated... besides...

"No bad guy call himself a "BAD" guy Happy"

ET - 2009/5/30
Oh, so the Ivory veil is lead by an "evil" deity? Happy

Commisar Va'lis - 2009/5/30
I have one thing to say...


This is turning out to be very, very interesting.

Oh and 1st Post!

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