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Military Brat

posted by Jordan on 2008/12/3 (Comics)

First, my great apologies for the delay. I had some problems getting it together. First, I was busier than I expected, what with my final exams right around the corner, which will probably be continuing for a while yet. Secondly, when Photoshop wasn't freezing up on me, Illustrator was. So needless to say, it was frustrating to work on this when Adobe seemed to hate me so much. Looks like things are working now, so hopefully I won't get another bout of that.

Secondly, now you know. I'm impressed to see that some people guessed right about Aldran's race, though it did take some time. I also realize that D&D is a vary diverse place, and it wouldn't surprise me if there already is a race of half-fiend, half-celestials, but I decided to simply use my own version instead. So if anyone brings it up in a discussion, you have my answer. Tongue

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