Military Brat

posted by Jordan on 2008/12/3 (Comics)

First, my great apologies for the delay. I had some problems getting it together. First, I was busier than I expected, what with my final exams right around the corner, which will probably be continuing for a while yet. Secondly, when Photoshop wasn't freezing up on me, Illustrator was. So needless to say, it was frustrating to work on this when Adobe seemed to hate me so much. Looks like things are working now, so hopefully I won't get another bout of that.

Secondly, now you know. I'm impressed to see that some people guessed right about Aldran's race, though it did take some time. I also realize that D&D is a vary diverse place, and it wouldn't surprise me if there already is a race of half-fiend, half-celestials, but I decided to simply use my own version instead. So if anyone brings it up in a discussion, you have my answer. Tongue

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Smiley - 2008/12/10
Guys I don't think hes going to takr the hood off. its just one of those things that will always remain a mystery, like V's sex in Oots. Besides it would kinda ruin the story because we wouldn't have anything to wonder about!

Norin - 2008/12/9

Only because I love the comic and want more Wink

Peregrine - 2008/12/9
Wow, very nicely done, zarah. The punchline/ending, in particular was very smooth. A great presentation for a major part of the plot. You've come a long way from being a fan comic in the playground.

Firestar27 - 2008/12/8
@forealms: Whoops! I don't know how I missed that.

brent - 2008/12/8

Amaretto - 2008/12/8
Oops. In comic 109 Aldran clearly says that he does not look a lot like his brother, meaning they are not in fact identical twins. My theory is wrong. Sad

Unless of course by not lookign too much alike, Aldran meant that he has some birth mark so they don't llook like clones. Very happy After all, no too twins look toooo much alike. Tongue

cordy - 2008/12/8
well, couldn't it be like, Eldhin is kind of a celestial, and the celestial Aldran "possessed" used to be Eldhin's twin?

Doopliss - 2008/12/7
Oh, never mind then. Sigh

dragongirl13 - 2008/12/7
Everyone knows they're twins because Aldran said that Eldhin was his twin back in comic #109.

Sequinox - 2008/12/7
Duhn duhn DUHN!

Doopliss - 2008/12/7
Why does everyone assume they're twins? Because it works better with the rape theory?

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/7
wait a minute exachix
alderan and keriss had children???????Worried
or were u just imagining wat it would be like

dragongirl13 - 2008/12/6
Hey, I just noticed a bunch of comments from people who think that Aldran and Eldhin might be identical twins... in one of the earlier comics, Lana says "Wait, he was your brother? But I didn't see any resemblance. Then again, I've never actually seen your face, so..." and Aldran says "There's hardly a resemblance anyways."

Translation? Fraternal twins.

Interestingly, a pair of boys is the least common type of fraternal twins.

Exachix - 2008/12/6
Well, if Aldran is a half-Celestial Fiend (with the Fiend side dominant) that may make his and Keriss' children... very weird.

Awesome comic btw

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/5
i always thought they had the same colour wings as well

Forealms - 2008/12/5
Alderan has black wings, but his brother has white wings.

Huh? Here:

They both have black wings.

Firestar27 - 2008/12/5
Monty: Although half of his lineage is fiend, and half of his lineage is celestial, genetics doesn't work in halves. (Granted, biology in DnD based settings is messed up, because he have half-dragon humans.) Half-celestial fiend has the fiend side winning genetically, while half-fiend celestial has the celestial side winning genetically. A half-dragon human is a human with the half-dragon template applied to it. It is undoubtedly more human than dragon.

Bob the ninja: They can't be identical twins. Alderan has black wings, but his brother has white wings. They are likely fraternal twins.

Lyinginbedmon - 2008/12/5
iguy, not so sweet when you consider it was most likely a rape scenario

Monty - 2008/12/5
Firestar, how would a half-celestial fiend be more fiend than celestial? That kind of goes against the definition of "half."

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/5
i cant seem them being identical twins

Firestar27 - 2008/12/4
Actually, half-celestial and half-fiend are templates (I haven't checked in a long time though, so I might be wrong.) So Aldran is either a half-fiend celestial or a half-celestial fiend. Maybe Aldran is the half-celestial fiend (therefore, primarily a fiend), while his brother is a half-fiend celestial (therefore, primarily a celestial).

Face of Evil - 2008/12/4
"I didn't know it was going to be another one of those kinds of stories."

What is this, a letter to Penthouse? Tongue

iguy - 2008/12/4

50/50 mix of Fiend getting it on with a Celestial. Hahahahah!!!

dragongirl13 - 2008/12/4
Nice! That's interesting. This probably means Aldran looks like some demon/devil thing and keeps his hood up for that reason, since Eldhin apparently takes after Mom and Aldran probably takes after Dad.

kres - 2008/12/4
Hooray for Lana and her single digit wisdom score to make the last two panels a instant classic!

WhatCouldBe - 2008/12/4
As Bob the Ninja said, I think that Eldhin must have inherited a lot more celestial than Aldran. I guess it must be a random thing. You never know if the Fiend-Celestial mix is 50-50 or not.

Fiery Diamond - 2008/12/4

Serpentine - 2008/12/4
Hey Zarah, just wanted to let you know that I love the joke in this one XD

Uncle Festy - 2008/12/4
"You know, usually the landscape is barren because of the ravaging. Ravaging the already-barren landscape just seems futile."
QFT. Very happy
Anyways, awesome new comic Zarah. Keep it up!

ldcnuke - 2008/12/4
I made a half-fiend, half-celestial character. He dual-wielded a holy and an unholy sword, and could smite evil and good. It was AWESOME. 8 level adjustment though Sad

Proofer - 2008/12/4
Nice pacing & punchline!
Minor typo: should be "led" in panel 5.

Bob the ninja - 2008/12/3
maybe he keeps his hood up because he inherited more fiendish then celestial...

or something

Knight13 - 2008/12/3
noob - "Could someone spell it out for the noob, what DO you get when you cross a celestial and a fiend?"

There is no D&D term for a half-celestial half-fiend, that's why Aldran doesn't know what his race is.

Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/12/3
I knew it! Lolz, somehow, I saw that coming ever since the wings first came into view.

Amaretto - 2008/12/3
That was epic Zarah! Very happy

I had always suspected something of the sort for Aldran's gender. However, the discovery of his race still leaves unanswered questions... such as why does he have a hood on at all times if his face looks normal (like Eldin, whoget by without suspicion with face uncovered?). I had always assumed that they were identical twins, mainly because that is always so in stories... but I could be wrong.... If they are identical twins, like I predict, then Aldran could keep his hood on to not look like his brother....or maybe it is more complicated than that.... Wink

Them being identical twins also opens up good plot possibilites, such as Aldran pretending to be Eldin, and more... although that particular example has been done so much it is quite cliched by now.
Btw, the "e" in cliched should have an accent but I do not know how to place it... Sad

Monty - 2008/12/3
Damn it, I misspelled "revelation"...Stupid un-edit-able comments.

Monty - 2008/12/3
Epic backstory revalation!

elemist2 - 2008/12/3
Ya know... Maybe there was a mutaion!

cookie - 2008/12/3
chicka chicka bow wow... you know what i'm sayin'

Icewalker - 2008/12/3
Good punchline punchline.

Also, awesome

Hermit - 2008/12/3
Wow, and I was just considering making a half-celestial-half-fiend character, but I didn't know how to combine two templates...

Nybbler - 2008/12/3
You know, usually the landscape is barren because of the ravaging. Ravaging the already-barren landscape just seems futile.

Jarw - 2008/12/3
That final panel was... perfect. I lol'd as if it had been an OOTS comic.

LizardLord - 2008/12/3
Aldran and Eldhin are twins, I believe. So they are indeed the same race. However I don't believe that race has a name, mostly because Aldran and Eldhin are most likely the only ones.

Forealms - 2008/12/3
I totally called that Very happy

noob - 2008/12/3
Could someone spell it out for the noob, what DO you get when you cross a celestial and a fiend?

Zurpl - 2008/12/3
I meant to say completely wrong. Sorry about that and this double post

Zurpl - 2008/12/3
Ya know, it never actually said that Aldran and Eldhin were full blood brothers. Eldhin might not be what Aldran is; Eldhin doesn't wear a hood. Maybe I'm completely right, but ya never know...

And to restate what CMG said, Thanks, Jordan!

Taiyama - 2008/12/3
I see your comic, like it's spiritual ancestor, Order of the Stick, farts in the face of anything like a "fourth wall".

In other news, so that's what Aldran and his brother are. Huh. I didn't know enough about D&D to guess that at all.

CrazyMacGuy - 2008/12/3
Beautiful! I always had my thoughts about Aldran's race, but now all is revealed...

It will be interesting to see where things go from here!?!

Thanks again Jordan! Keep 'em coming!

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