Snow Business

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/26 (Comics)

A late update, but I was busy this afternoon. Tomorrow's should be a bit earlier, though.

Also notice the little RSS logo underneath all the comics at the right-hand side. Click on that to subscribe to the RSS feed, in case anyone didn't already know. You can also click "Always Show" underneath the Author Comments title in order to keep my comments on each comic visible without having to click to open them each time. There are probably also going to be a few new additions here and there in the near future, and I'll keep people posted.

As for today's comic, I've always wanted to find a skeleton that actually worked like this. I mean, that's hours and hours of fun right there. Or maybe I'll just stick with my Lego.

EDIT: Had a bit of trouble with overwriting the previous comic. If something isn't displaying right, try refreshing. It should be all sorted out now.

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