Filler: The End of Anti-Heroes?

posted by Jordan on 2020/11/26 (Comics)

So let me get this out of the way first. I think it comes as no surprise that this comic is dead. I was reading the comments on the last update the other day and I was honestly shocked to see people still invested. Frankly, I don't want to just dust my hands off and call it officially dead and buried without giving any sort of closure. I've always had difficulty getting my thoughts onto paper, but while I was reading comments I had an idea. It's unlikely that I'd be able to answer every question you might have so... Why don't I just let you ask me them?

As my last update mentioned, I've been streaming regularly on Twitch for a while now. I think it might be fun to host a Q&A livestream on my channel in which I reminisce and ultimately spill the beans on Anti-Heroes. That way, I can talk my way through my own notes and memory while getting reactions and answering questions from you guys in chat in real time. Think of it as a way to connect one last time on something that brought us together and ultimately a good way to say goodbye to this comic.

I'll leave this up for a little while to gauge interest and see what people say, then I'll schedule a date for the stream after that. And hey, spread it around. If you know people who loved Anti-Heroes who don't check in anymore, let them know. The more input I can get for this idea, the better.

I have more words that I'd like to share, but I'll save them for now. It's Thanksgiving today (though not up here in Canada) and I just want to say thanks to all of you who have ever read and especially those of you who still check in. It really does mean the world.

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