Rage Quit

posted by Jordan on 2010/5/8 (Comics)

I told you all that the comic will only end when I say it ends. ...Or when I die. Either way, I'm sure someone will deliver the message.

Aaanyway, life has been unforgiving the past few weeks. People have left work, causing my hours to get screwed up and down almost every day. Thankfully that seems to be calming down a little with the summer months coming into gear. Also, just this past week, most of my energy was spent in looking for and buying a car, which was thankfully completed not long ago. Not to mention about fifty side-projects begging to be monitored and updated with what little time I have left. Just all around, not that much fun to be me.

So here's a comic. Later than late, I am well aware, but another comic nonetheless. Consider it a confirmation that this comic isn't dead. Don't make me have to repeat myself any more. Tongue

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