Anti-World #2: He's Charismatic!

posted by Chris on 2009/4/1 (Comics)

After quite a few months, yes, Anti-World finally has another entry! After learning a lot of new things in Inkscape that will definitely make my life easier, I think I can finally begin to make regular filler comics for Zarah. The delay was also the result of thinking about the comic's direction; I've made my decision, and yes, we will be following mainly the same characters - including Frank!

The tower in the final panel is actually an updated version of the first thing I ever drew in Inkscape, the first thing that was in my mind when Anti-World began to form in my head. What exactly is it? Keep an eye out for more Anti-World to find out!

Also, any diligent Troper should be able to catch the very first joke in the comic.

Anti-Heroes will be returning to you tomorrow at its normal time.

- Crahen/Crazed

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