And He Doesn't Mean Illidan

posted by Jordan on 2008/9/20 (Comics)

I'm actually kinda proud with how this one turned out. It was a simple design, but having to draw new poses and different effects for every panel was a pretty long process. And with my writer's block, the dialogue took forever to hammer out. But in the end, I'm rather satisfied. So enjoy today's comic.

As for all the feedback I've received about my campaign, I'm greatly appreciative, and certainly honored that there's so many people willing to play. The "handbook" that I'm preparing is almost finished. I just need to edit it and clarify some things. Basically, the "book" is a document file with a complete history of the world and all the provinces, along with some background on the dominant religion. It'll be for the use of the players, since it's assumed that their characters already know most or all of the information contained within. As soon as I finish with the so called "handbook," then I'll finish up the house rules and the campaign should be just about ready to go.

But if you're looking for some more specific details about the world, here's a few things to think about:

1) I haven't added or really removed any of your standard D&D races, nor done anything radically different with the fantasy genre. So there's still Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, blah blah blah. I may have changed a couple things to do with some races, and put a bit of a different spin on some of the Elves, but all in all, it's still pretty standard fantasy.

2) On that same note, it isn't a low-magic campaign. Wizards and Sorcerers and what-have-you are pretty common around the world, and seeing spells is certainly nothing that would work anyone up. Seeing someone summon a 50-foot demon from the lower circles of hell... Well, that might be a different story.

3) It's part water. In fact, it's a big part water. Since the region of the world that the campaign takes place in is a great deal of islands and water, naval adventures are going to be common. I haven't finalized exactly what rules I want to use for combat and navigation yet, but it'll probably be something home brewed from a variety of sources. And I'll make sure it's not horribly complicated too, for the sake of the players, and myself. Tongue

4) It has nothing to do with Anti-Heroes. It's all 100% unique from the little old comic here.

If you have any other questions about the campaign in general, along the lines of the things I listed above, then post in the comments, send me an email, or even send me a PM on the Giantitp forums and I'll answer it as fast as I can.

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Alexandurs - 2009/2/13
My first comment, just thought i'd mention there's a little typo in the comic, it should be " i didnt spend " instead of "i didnt spent "

Awesome comic btw Happy
THG - 2008/9/29
What cracks me up is that when this comic got on it's own, with it's own domain - it had a hardcore, snickering following that praised it above OOTS because of the update schedule, to the point of mocking RB and OOTS about it. I can only say that webcomicking is harder than anyone realizes (Except for webcomickers themselves, of course). I still love the comic, Z - and I don't say this to take anything away from you - just pointing out to certain people among the commenters.
Shiftshaper - 2008/9/28
I think your comic is now good enough to stand on it's own two legs. Of course it will always be compared to Order of the Stick, and will alwys be seen as an inferior version no matter how good you get, but now this comic has reached the point where I read this comic and OOTS and I await updates from both just as eagerly, instead of me going to OOTS, and if there isnt an update I might check out this comic.
Doopliss - 2008/9/27
Soo... Speaking of updates... Tongue
Jordan - 2008/9/25
Alright folks, I've got some updates for y'all.

First of all, the updates to the site. We have a new domain name! Be sure to update your bookmarks and links to The old address will still work fine, however, since the new address is just mirroring the old. Eventually, we'll switch it over and have the old site as a mirror instead, but for now, my webmonkey is on vacation.

Secondly, you might have noticed a new button underneath the comic alongside the donate and RSS feed buttons. That's right, I finally decided to sell out and get a store. There's not much there (since it's a basic CafePress store, I'm limited with what I can do), but I'm willing to listen to requests from people if they're doable.

Thirdly, the campaign I've been going on about for a while now is finally open for recruitment. Head over to to read about the campaign and get your character in.

(Note to self: I really need to get Crazed to fix the links in the comments too. Maybe add some BBcode support while he's at it...)
Dallas-Dakota - 2008/9/25
Anti-heroes, providing your daily dose of awesome since 2008.
Icewalker - 2008/9/23
Damn, the blue fireball for empowered is an awesome touch. Wouldn't have thought of it, but it really fits and makes complete sense.

You continue to provide awesome.
Doopliss - 2008/9/23
I think Clerics still need to say something when channeling positive energy. Silent healing is a Paladin-only perk. Tongue
tmacdevitt - 2008/9/23
Cleric is missing healing hand glow in panels 1 and 5
Doopliss - 2008/9/23
Wait a second... Those boots... It all makes sense now! Roy and Miko had kids in the afterlife, the results being Eldhin and Aldran!

Except... Jordan said it was a different setting... It was such a good theory, too... Sad
bigWilly - 2008/9/23
Youre all silly.... Eldhin is obviously cleric..... you can tell from his boots... all clerics wear those boots!
Jawohl - 2008/9/23
The campaign idea sounds fun. How many people are currently joined to it, and is there a limit?

If not, I'd like to join too.
Memnarch - 2008/9/22
I don't mind reading the block of text, but two separate feeds sounds like a good idea for those who don't like it.
Vitellio - 2008/9/22
Ok, they are exchanging light wirst slaps... for 20th level characters.XD
cookie - 2008/9/22
Oh god! It's like Therkla all over again! Except that I doubt Aldran is dead. Unless he IS undead. In which case he wont die.... *Eugene moment* Great comic, as always!
MTONinja - 2008/9/22
Noooo!!! Aldran, show this facade of a paladin what true power means! ok enough of the fan boy talk Happy I personaly like the comments, So I prefer them not being truncated, using hide/show or 2 feeds would be fine with me though. (But realy it isn't that hard to click authors comments so whatever works for the rest.)
Archetype- - 2008/9/22
Kobold-Bard: This is true, but he has cast more than one 9th-level spell in a day, as seen in the initial fight with Keriss (not too long after the fight, Aldran tried and failed to land an Energy Drain on an Illithid). True Necromancer would fit Aldran, but considering his surprise at seeing a non-core spell cast by his brother... I don't think it's likely. I won't be surprised if he does, though.

Dooplis: A targeted Dispel Magic will indeed work, but the added oomph of the Greater version will have a better chance of getting rid of that and any other buffs Eldhin has on. Scratch what I said about Protection from Energy or a random stealth spell. Aldran should do that and follow up with targeted Greater Dispel. I successful, it will also remove the Death Ward Eldhin likely has up. Enervation and Energy Drain don't allow saving throws, and the other death-effect spells aren't likely to succeed.
Crazed - 2008/9/22
About "The huge long RSS feed comments"...

That's a good idea, Chris. I forgot Zarah was posting such long comments lately.

Question to the readers: do you like his suggestion (one feed without author comments, one feed with author comments), or would you rather have the comments be truncated (meaning, cut short) in one feed only so they can't get too long?

Alternatively, I could customize the RSS feed for each user based on your "Always Hide/Show" preference.

Also, Eldhin is reminding me of Storm (as in, X-Men). Tongue
Chris - 2008/9/22
Please, please don't take offense at this, I just want to offer some advice:

The huge long RSS feed comments from the author, are, in my opinion, very unprofessional feeling. Especially when you offer many excuses for having a late comic. You don't need to apologize. And most of your comic readers don't want to (and shouldn't have to) read your long posts.

I would recommend splitting the RSS feed into two, if you still really want to send out this info. Have one feed for just the comic. Have another for your long explanations, and allow your users to subscribe to both if they want. Alternatively, just send out the comic link, and they can easily opt-in to reading the long explanation above.
Doopliss - 2008/9/22
Would a Dispel Magic work? We know he prepares it if applicable.

Keep in mind, they're not necessarily epic clerics/sorcerors/wizards, and not just epic characters who are less than level 20 in each class. There have been plenty of examples of inefficent multiclassing in this comic already. Happy
Vitellio - 2008/9/22
Well... I think that, for being epic spellcaster, they are actually exchanging wirst-slaps. LIGHT wirst-slaps. At those levels, the one that wins initiative usually wins the combat.
Kobold-Bard - 2008/9/22
"OK, multiclass Wizard-Cleric confirmed. Sweet. I'm guessing Aldran has levels in Mystic Theurge."

Depending on how epic our Epic-Level-Necromancer is he could have taken (Wiz 3/Cle 3/Mystic Theurge 10/True Necromancer 9) gets him to Level 25 and full casting on both sides. Maybe only True Necromancer 5 which gets him to level 21 and one 9th level spell on each side which covers Time Stop in the early comics.
fraud - 2008/9/21
oh man I was like "cool! A WoW joke!" and it took me awhile to figure it out ^-^
Archetype- - 2008/9/21
OK, multiclass Wizard-Cleric confirmed. Sweet. I'm guessing Aldran has levels in Mystic Theurge, but I could be wrong there. Love the blue-hot Empowered Fireball (plasma cannon FIRE!!!), and great job using non-Necromancy spells.

Also, OUCH!!! Just looked up Stormrage in the Spell Compendium. The lightning eyes thing is a ranged touch attack that allows no save, and it can be executed at will. All I have to say is Aldran had better get Protection from Electricity or some form of stealth up FAST. Stormrage will last for the entire fight, and then some. I used to and still love that spell. So freaking badass.

How come the antagonists get all the cool non-core stuff? Aldran should totally drop a Blackfire or something. That'd rawk haadcoah.
Kobold-Bard - 2008/9/21
I have always liked Stormrage, its just as awesome as I imagined it. Lightning eyes GO!!!
Agreed about Empowered Fireball, mucho impressivo.
Doopliss - 2008/9/21
The only thing I see that Eldhin's done and can be even remotely considered evil is blackmailing (sort of) Finx...

Anyway, I think we have Word of God that Aldran is a high level Wizard/Cleric.

Sylian - 2008/9/21
Word of Chaos? Isn't that Cleric only? Seems like Aldran is Chaotic, probably Chaotic Evil. Eldhin is probably Lawful, I'm guessing Lawful Neutral, could even be Lawful Evil (or Lawful Good, though I doubt that).
Threeshades - 2008/9/21
Whooo! Eye-lasers!
nidhogg - 2008/9/21
notice that the stormrage lightning is much thicker then the lightningbolt in the first pannel
so i gues it does some pretty dmg

i would just love to see lana with a couple of fireproofcardboard wings come to the rescue
nidhogg - 2008/9/21
i still havn't heard anyone in the comic say that those wings are real and not just a spell or even fireproof cardboard
Knight13 - 2008/9/21
Quote: Anyway, what I dont like in this strip is that Eldhin is obviously the good guy there, I want some the gray morality back please.

How is Eldhin obviously the good guy? As Aldran points out, he's basically a zealot who convinces himself that he's doing the right thing, regardless of whether that's actually the case.
Troll - 2008/9/21
Gah! Database backup!
Phreder1c - 2008/9/21
If you ask me, both the winged brothers are equally matched... In power and self-assurance! It will possibly be an outside influence that will determine the outcome of the fight.
Almar84 - 2008/9/21
Very good comic, keep it coming! ^^
Sandro - 2008/9/20
Lolrage hits you for 6 damage. You survive and cast hellball. Noob dies.
Lucern - 2008/9/20
Love your comic man...I read through just about all of it last week in one sitting.

One thing: I think there's a typo here: I didn't "spent" all my free time...'Less I missed some linguistic subtleties, should be spend. Keep up the good work.
phoerix - 2008/9/20
Dang... this was a god one, block and all this was good. And ditto on the fireball, that was quite pretty Very happy. Can't wait to see the next one and hear a bit more of the "voluntary" exile.
Memnarch - 2008/9/20
First though, ooo, pretty fireball, I'll have to remember that one.

Second though, uhoh, whatever that spell does, it can't be good. then of course, I see Lying's comment.

Keep chipping away at the block, it should break eventually!
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/9/20
Maybe Malfurion comes along then?

Stormrage is an actual spell, fairly high level, but not really that powerful. Aldran has a good shot at surviving in my opinion.
querzis - 2008/9/20
So Eldhin actually already knew Aldran was still alive? Well this is interresting. Anyway, what I dont like in this strip is that Eldhin is obviously the good guy there, I want some the gray morality back please.

P.S. Nice warcraft reference though I would have though about Malfurion before Illidan, Malfurion is cooler­.
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