DON'T Spill the Wine

posted by Chris on 2012/11/3 (Comics)

Hello hello! It's (not) Thursday and that means it's time for another anti-HEROES courtesy of your friend Leaking Pen and me, Dyluthus!

So sit back and enjoy another issue where we see just how Laris, Andil, Laldera, Hilmor and the Ed's are holding up given their dire predicament Happy

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leakingpen - 2012/11/8
Hanging FROM it, maybe? lol.
Night Templar - 2012/11/6
Exuberant Panda: It's more like the heroes are hanging before the plot hook.
Exuberant Panda - 2012/11/5
That plot hook hanging before the heroes...I'm interested in seeing where it will take them.
leakingpen - 2012/11/5
Rivebelle, i try and go through and look for new comments on old comics, and I always watch the last 3 or 4 updates!

Hariman.... that would be... playing dirty.
hariman - 2012/11/5
Huh. I wonder if Bleuse is trying to get the guards drunk so the prisoners can escape and take out Fire Belly for them.
Tatsu - 2012/11/4
Yay Comic
Mad Lemmey - 2012/11/4
Very happy
Nice exposition lads, good set up for the heroes plot! 8)
RiveBelle - 2012/11/3
I don't think you had time to read my comment from the last comic before posting this, but this strip has really good characterization. The humor here is very good as well. The reveal that "Dinner" was actually Bleuse sending bread to his guards is excellent.
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