A Crushing Blow to Morale

posted by A on 2012/4/19 (Comics)

All those plans just crumble away to nothing...

NEXT WEEK! Your favorite minor character makes a comeback. Betting and idle speculation here as to WHO?

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Bekai - 2015/10/8
You can. However, you might want to add a little sour cream or yorugt, because you want something to react with the baking powder, to give the pancakes a little fluff. The buttermilk reacts given its acidity; skim milk will not.
angelina - 2012/12/29
Andil...has a sense of humor?!
Did not see that one coming.
referee - 2012/5/8
()erence. Ertai wins an internet for his gaming ref()
Leaking Pen - 2012/4/24
Distraught fan... If Zarah is at any time unhappy with us, he will strike us down with the wrath of God, and you all will know it! I'm sorry you don't appreciate the current comic, but how's about a statement of what exactly you don't like, and what you WOULD like instead? Owned it is a commonly used expression when one does a good job on some kind of "extreme" move, like, say, cliff diving! And before anyone starts talking about the old fogeys trying to sound hip, that was a common utterance amongst my skateboarder fans when I was a teenager, well over a decade ago.

Robert, thanks for the support!

Ertai, the reason behind us taking over was Zarah's schooling preventing his ability to work on the comic. We have used up all the plot he gave us. He will be writing up more of the next set of story for aldran and co when he is able, ie, summer. I am just as eagerly awaiting that as you all are! I get spoilers!

Thaxan, CLOSE! very very close....

Night Templar, I am thinking of running a Quentas short storyline, need zarah's approval first. He is quite awesome though!

Night Templar - 2012/4/22
@Ertai: Not really. I mean, sure eight months is a while for the main characters not to appear, but really, what matters is the number of comics it's been since they appeared, and that hasn't been very many.

Also, I'm betting it's Quentas who's returning. He's barely done anything, but he's already been established as awesome.
Ertai - 2012/4/22
One more thing. It is like 8 months allready since we last saw Aldran and real heroes of this comic - the antiheroes... And its kinda bother me... not that I dont like Andil and his minions, but... its not the same. I have nothing againts you guys and the way you're writing the comic, I am GLaD its not dead... but really... 8 months since main character appiered? Don't you find it weird? I do
Ertai - 2012/4/22
mucat, You have convinced me
Robert - 2012/4/22
-To a distraught fan-

Honestly, I'm not as big a fan of this as I once was, but theres still the occasional gem worth reading it for. If you really dislike it that much, just stop reading it dude. These guys put effort into trying to keep a project they love as much as you did going, and I think they're doing a good job

A distraught fan - 2012/4/22
Guys I beg of you, if you have a shred of decency in you, stop with this farce. The comic's run its course, unless you are going to hand it back to Zarah, just stop, stop now and let us keep it in our memories as something pure and untainted by your incapability to produce anything with any semblance to an actual story with actual characters and jokes that really ARE funny. And what the **** does 'owned it' mean anyway?
Blackjack217 - 2012/4/21
Move and you die mammals!
Thaxan - 2012/4/21
Hang on, those goblins just appeared from thin air, are conspicuously without knowledge about themselves, and there's a mysterious reference to a "fan favorite character" returning?
I smell a certain Lich Illusionist in our future...
mucat - 2012/4/21
Ertai, I think that's just a piece of luggage that landed on Laldera, not a rock. It was part of Second Ed's baggage in the previous strip.

(Besides, if a rock did land on her, she could just fail her Spot check and refuse to acknowledge its existence. Hurts less that way...)
Ertai - 2012/4/20
Am I the only one, who is worried about Laldera? She is prety much squished by that rock... isn't she?
Night Templar - 2012/4/20
I notice that the rookies don't take any damage at all. Considering how much stuff they were carrying last comic, I'm going to assume they're epic level. How else can someone have such high stats?
jackjaques - 2012/4/20
Well, maybe they're all Lizardfolk polymorphed into goblins... Hey?
Leaking Pen - 2012/4/20
yeah... why IS a goblin (who is a mammal, at least, has hair, gives birth to live young, dunno about milk production though) speaking sibilantly and calling them mammals. Weird.... heh heh heh.
Blakjak - 2012/4/20
Well so much for a covert strike. I suppose we shall have to fast forward to the "Prison Escape" section of our adventurers.

Also, it appears Andil took the "break a leg" suggestion a little too seriously. Hah Happy
MeanMrsMustard - 2012/4/20
Well, I don't know much about D&D, but I always assumed goblins were reptiles. Maybe it's the green-ness. (Of course, there's the matter of hair on the female goblins -- at least in OotS. But now I'm just rambling.)
Tatsu - 2012/4/20
Maybe the goblins don't know they're mammals, I mean, they don't have a reputation of science.
Mad Lemmey - 2012/4/20
Great comic chaps, love the tumble gone wrong, too saavy for his own good!
Think the Goblins are just being insulting for the sake of being insulting!
EchoWolf - 2012/4/19
According to normal D&D logic, they are Mammals (pretty sure at least). But maybe goblins are different in this setting.
Fim - 2012/4/19
Wait, aren't goblins mammals as well? What's up with them using it like a sci-fi insult?
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