Fame And Fortune

posted by Jordan on 2008/6/5 (Comics)

I can assure you that that dwarf has no relation to Chuck Norris at all.

None, I swear.

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Anonymoose - 2010/1/8
You're right, Chick Norris is hairier.
WAY hairier.
Zaphod - 2008/6/7
What about Zaphods most favourite Pangalactic gargle blaster?
Or classic Aged dwarwen brandy? Beer? Wine? Borovička?
Forealms - 2008/6/6
Quig - You just asked what everyone else was wondering. They were just trying to disguise it with their expectations of plots and whatnot XD
Quig - 2008/6/6
I wonder what kind of drinks they serve in this world.
Hermit - 2008/6/6
Lyinginbedmon - why do you think he's smiling?
Smilley - 2008/6/6
Why can't I shake the feeling this is a conman-setup?
Zaphod - 2008/6/5
Hey, you'we just said Chuck Norris! Take cover!
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/6/5
I would have thought that was due to the girl following along
Hermit - 2008/6/5
cen and thucom - It's the smile on his face in the last panel.
Cen - 2008/6/5
thucom - I think EXACTLY this same Happy
gurped - 2008/6/5
chuck norris reference?
it doesnt need a reference
thucom - 2008/6/5
Why do I think that the dwarf was hired to help him "score" on chicks?
Z`an - 2008/6/5
I love refernce to "The Stand"
Face of Evil - 2008/6/5
Lana, no! Never eat the famous! PEOPLE NOTICE WHEN THEY GO MISSING!
MTONinja - 2008/6/5
Great comic, alot of possiblities from here, but grr I hate when I miss something... Can someone enlighten me to the Chuck Norris refference?
Valahuir - 2008/6/5
Well, that hairdo seems popular amond the dwarven populace in Northhaven, must be a sign that dwarves are all secretly beetles fans Wink
Although he almost put himself on a silver platter with an apple in his mouth eh? Tongue
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