A Green Thumb, She Ain't

posted by Jordan on 2008/6/1 (Comics)

I had something witty to say here, but I forgot it, so you'll have to do with this instead.

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Lat - 2010/6/4
Yeah. Elves. Love 'em or hate 'em. No middle ground. Even though it's perfectly possible to have an elf who's genuinely humble and stuff...
Anonymous - 2009/6/2
Yes, Face of Evil, Lana was too dumb to live. That's why she's better off undead.
Doopliss - 2008/6/27
"Mysterious is sexy. Trust me." XD
Elena - 2008/6/3
I actually agree, from a point of view of a vampire, the ugly ones are easier. the hot ones expect that sorta thing.
Quig - 2008/6/3
Oh no! I've started reading this comic at work. God help me now!!
kres - 2008/6/3
Time to kick the baby vampire from the house. Lana will just as funny as Kaal coming up, and if they are both together when action goes down, all the better
Tanner - 2008/6/2
Man...I love is comic. Happy

Now one more thing remains un-anserd(sorry,can't spell that wordSad )... Is this comic going to shift over to the new 4E dungeons and dragons rule's?
elemist - 2008/6/2
too many elves in my party
Valahuir - 2008/6/2
Why would you want to eat elves? all that scented soap and cleanlyness, no wonder their constatution is so low, they don't build it up as a child!
But of course you want to go for the good looking ones, what happens if you accedentaly vamp them? you don't want an ugly minion now Wink
moleytov - 2008/6/2
Heh, lana got munched... nom nom nom
Crazed - 2008/6/2
Hilarious last panel. Great comic, glad to see you're getting back on a more regular, on-time schedule.
Face of Evil - 2008/6/2
Was Lana too Dumb to Live?
Lira - 2008/6/1
Hurt my precious elves and die!

Good comic Zarah. Tongue
Cult of the Raven - 2008/6/1
No, Lana, you go after the elves! ugly/hot doesn't matter, just get rid of a couple elves!
rtg0922 - 2008/6/1
I looked at the last panel before reading any of it, and I was sitting here expecting a Mario joke of some sort...
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/6/1
Or more accurately that big plants with gaping maws are not like lions in the circus
Lonna - 2008/6/1
And what have we learned here Lana? Never trust someone who talks you into something then says "You'll get used to it."
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