It's Like Wine Tasting

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/31 (Comics)

You heard him, he's not manipulative.

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Tanner - 2008/6/8
YES,Yes he IS!
Elena - 2008/6/1
I have weird friends too. They say that they found the vampire in them. Or, in other words, it tickles their brain when they think hard... Bah, I don't even keep track anymore.
Anyways, the best blood is A positive. It's clean.
Eht Takreem - 2008/6/1
Hmmm... A vampire on the prowl for blood... An illusionist looking for increasingly desperate ways to get inside a building... I smell hilarity brewing in the wind. On that note, what is it about evil blood that reduces flavor, I wonder?
Ecalsneerg - 2008/6/1
The Monster Manual blatantly states somewhere that 'Always Evil' means about 80% of the race, or a similar figure.
FoE - 2008/5/31
Remember, Lana didn't embrace vampirism, like some evil characters; Aldran turned her into one when she was dead and therefore helpless to stop it.
Ryvaken Lucius Tadrya - 2008/5/31
Always evil is not so always ^_-
Valahuir - 2008/5/31
For a charicter with an 'Always evil' template she seems awfuly concerned for innocent lives Tongue

But I guess the rot must set in over time,or not, depends if your going to 'enforce' that silly rule so to speak
FoE - 2008/5/31
Oh wait, I forgot evil blood doesn't taste good. Well, maybe she'll find someone who might as well be dead, like someone who enjoys the Fantastic Four movies. Tongue
Face of Evil - 2008/5/31
At last, we get to some blood-drinking action!

... Er, if you're into that sort of thing. >

She could find someone who deserves killing as her victim: it's not like there's a shortage of those in the world. Maybe she'll be lucky and someone will try and rob her in a dark alley ... in which case, they're fair game, I say. Wink
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/5/31
Yes, completely not-manipulative.

Hmm...I wonder what blood type she'll try first
Cen - 2008/5/31
Pure awesomeness Happy
ET - 2008/5/31
Wow that was a long roundabout to get what he wanted. Nicely done. Happy
Ryvaken Lucius Tadrya - 2008/5/31
I think she'll start with local blood. The kind she can get without leaving the building and entering direct sunlight.
kpenguin - 2008/5/31
Huh. I wonder if we'll ever see Lana break into a blood bank.
Bitzeralisis - 2008/5/31
Eew, high sodium.
Lonna - 2008/5/31
Wierd friends huh? I wonder how many of them we'll get to meet?
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